Time Flies

I'm just not sure anymore how to make some time for me! I've been so busy lately, and I know y'all are checking back often to see what the new raisin' peanut updates are. While there have been so many great things happening, I'm not able to find the time to tell y'all about it! I'm getting buried in life, which is a good thing after two full years of having to dig myself OUT of troubles. But life is spinning a bit out of control.

This weekend we went to our cottage, first time of the year.
The weather's been so great that we decided to open it up one month earlier this year. Matt went up last weekend, then Oliver and I went up this past weekend to make the cottage a home. Amidst the spiders, we made due despite the heater not working and misty, cool, rainy, gloomy days. The sun came out on Saturday which was great. "It's such a beautiful day today!" says my son. And then on Sunday, "Thank you Momma for making the cottage so nice." Ahem. He's four people. Four years old! WTF!?

Now that I'm back home, on this Monday I have vowed to make a few things my priority!

One: ME... my goodness. I wake up and go. I have to stop and get time to read, relax, drink coffee, do my readings... spring is here and soon I'll be wanting to sit on the patio outside — a early morning date with the birds and a cup of coffee! :) At this rate, that wont be happenin'. Something's got to give!

Two: ME... my weight loss journey has come to a stall and if I don't do something soon, I wont even fit into the clothes I have NOW!

Three: Me... the house is a mess. I need a bigger closet and a smaller wardrobe. I'm all for scaling back. My king size bed has eaten up my room, and I think it's time to put this incredibly beautiful piece of furniture on Craig's list. (The bed I have is gorgeous!)... Time to scale back and get a queen size bed because the truth is I'm sharing the bed with no one but a 4-yr old, and if and when I do have the opportunity to have a sweet heart again, cuddling is something I'm looking forward to. No need for all that extra bed space.

So, these are my three main concerns now.
  1. Time for me in the morning
  2. Lose weight
  3. Downsize my home and get a few structures in place to help handle my goods.

And my other summer projects?
  1. play space for Oliver in the basement
  2. garden, yard work
  3. update cottage with new paint, gravel, mulch, etc
  4. get rid of those pigeons on my roof! Grampa, where's the shot gun? I mean business this time!

I'm trying to keep it to a manageable list. That's not too bad. :)

The other big news is that I will be cancelling cable completely this week! That's right! NO. MORE. CABLE. Why? Oh goodness! Friends, have you heard of Apple TV? It's the best kept secret that Apple has. No one ever talks about it. But it's amazing! Great! Cheap! I churned the numbers. It's actually cheaper than cable! Cheaper! I can write a whole blog post about this and in fact I will, but not right now. I'm on my lunch time at work and time is limited. More on that later.

Well, off to Trader Joe's now for some arugula. I'm beginning my new lunch fad: arugula, blue cheese, red onion, balsamic vinegar. The end.

I'll check back w/y'all soon. I promise. No really. I swear. I will. I really really will!



  1. I love Scaling Back. I want to do lots and lots of Scaling Back this year. Did into closets and drawers and bins. Scale scale scale back back back.


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