WW Showdown – Score!

Success! I had my showdown with the mendacious WW scale. I've been back at Weight Watchers for 3 weeks now (read this post if you are not up to speed). I knew I had lost a little bit b/c the jeans that I usually overflow out of fit a little less snug. I wasn't sure if it was b/c the jeans were all stretched out (I had worn them a couple times after the last wash) or if it was true, I had actually lost weight.

I couldn't wait to get on that scale. See the results...

The WW scale is not so culpable anymore. ;)

Yep, 5 whole pounds. It's 4.6 to be exact, but who counts decimals when trying to lose weight?

SIDE NOTE: Telling friends that I lost 4.6 lbs is like hearing from mothers that their child is 28 months old. I just want to know what AGE he is, not practice my division and multiplication tables.

Ah, but I digress (again).

In celebration of the loss, I will be sharing two yummy recipes with you this weekend. Lentil Soup and Creamy Cauliflower Soup. Check back soon! I'm off to eat chocolate cake now.

Just kidding.


  1. Congratulations Andrea! I'm so glad you didn't let that scale get the best of you!


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