2012 Determinations Update

Hello Friends... It's been difficult to find the time to write. Life's been full and wonderful. Oliver has magically turned into a boy the last two weeks. Really.

I mentioned I’d share my struggles and accomplishments regarding what I had hoped to do this year. I think I'm doing alright. A lot of things have changed for the better already. My life, my heart — I keep growing, further and further away from the woman I was when my husband left. I struggle, but I'm not that heart-broken puddle of emotions I was back in 2010.

If this is boring to you, tune in this weekend. I'll have a much more robust post — photos and all!!!

NOTE: I started this post in the beginning of February. I updated it on the last day of the month. (I didn't get a chance to proof it, so it didn't get posted until now.)

This coming year, I am determined {God willing} to:
  1. arrive early {not doing so good here friends... i've a 40% success rate :( and that's being generous. crap. } UPDATE: since I wrote this, I have started to get to work 1 to 1 /12 hours early! Yay for me!
  2. return calls as soon as possible Yep. I think. But I can do a lot better here.
  3. look great at work, not like I just woke up  Yep. Except for one day. :(  I'll do better. I promise. :D
  4. get outdoors, be active {ummmm, can't really say that I have.}
  5. read fiction books instead of marriage saving books {i read two nights this month. not much. sad sad sad. need improvement. suggestions anyone? how do i find the time?}
  6. get back to 120+ lbs  {aka: lose 20 lbs}  Massive FAIL! UPDATE: I think I may have lost weight. We'll see this upcoming Saturday!!!
  7. get the RP website design finished nope.
  8. wake up in time to do my daily readings; not rush in the morning {um, i'm embarrassed to say that i've fallen a little behind here.}
  9. prepare for the next day the night before mostly
  10. keep my home a place of refuge and a sanctuary SUCCESS! well, there was that one week when our place was a total mess....
  11. drink more water yep
  12. do less; spend less time traveling rushing from one place to the next  hmmm, i'd say i'm at 75% here. Maybe even 80% success.
  13. teach oliver to pray with me, to give thanks and express gratitude nope.
  14. keep the clothes off the floor of my bedroom :) SUCCESS! well, see #10
  15. get rid of stuff in basement; organize the second storage area nope
  16. keep car clean {this means I have to clean it first} yep 
  17. stay connected to God; to my church and my church family yep
  18. read a book to Oliver each night  yep
  19. do things that make me feel good about who I am as a daughter, mother, sister (in law), auntie, friend and employee  yep  yep  yep
  20. re-budget my finances nope
  21. remain calm and positive; have a forgiving heart yep
  22. grow up :)  ... not act irrationally or take things personally... have a sense of humor yep (90% success rate)
  23. bite off only what I can chew {aka ... lose the massive vegetable garden; keep it simple} yes yes yes!! so happy!
  24. love others; treat them with kindness and a warm heart yep

How are YOU doing on your determinations? Any success so far? :)