Sunday Morning

Alone today. Feels good but I miss my little Peanut. He had his first ever sleep over last night.

We're so lucky, so blessed.

Oliver has made a little best friend, AJ. They have been best friends since they were both 2 years old. Who knew little Bugs could find a way to a best friend when just out of diapers?

AJ is a cute kid, a sweet kid. Lucky us. His mother (and father) are really good people too. AJ's mother, Alex, is a strong, incredible woman with three children, 4, 2, and 10 months. She's only 25 and has more self-condifidence and bold determination and womanly strength than most women I know. She's also very kind, open and welcoming.

And we can thank our sons for bringing the two of us together!

{insert picture here... come back soon once it's up}