Deep Breath

Sigh.... it's finally over. The holidays (for me) are now complete. No more cards to sign. No more gifts to wrap (or purchase). No more dinners to cook. No more gifts to open. Phew. That was fun — but I'm done.

Now I just have to take down the beautiful tree (I think it's the best one we've had yet) and put away the decorations. My home is actually clean today. I had yesterday off work and was able to straighten it all out. Then my cleaning lady came today. That was nice. It's one of my luxuries, something I will always try to budget for — Joanne. She's wonderful and a life-saver.

Looking back now, it was a good Christmas. Everyone was here; the only part of my family that did something separate was my sister Marian. She works at a church that feeds homeless people on Christmas Eve every year.

So here's a quick peek into our holiday. Me and Oliver....

mommy and oz christmas 11

Dotti (my dad's sweetheart) and my nephew Drew from St. Louis...

dotti drew

My crazy family .... (I have better pix but this is the only one I have ready for viewing right now. I like it b/c of how silly everyone looks in the picture.

sue sharon teri andi

BTW, that is my cuz Sue. She and I grew up together, right next door to one another. You'll read a tad more about this later. I have a post written, it's just not proofed and published yet. :) To my left (your right) is my sister Teri. Behind us is Sharon, Sue's sister. Sharon was real close to me too growing up, sort of like a big sister.

James and me....


Christmas with the Green Bay Packers...


My dad's clan and our cousins. No, we are NOT cross-pollinate! :)

family christmas

One of the more special things about Christmas this year was that my niece Jasmin joined me from Switzerland. She initially emailed the X to see if she could spend 2.5 weeks with him but he replied that he was too busy with work and that he already had plans for Christmas. So she took it upon herself to email me. I was honored! Absolutely, I replied. There was no way I would pass this opportunity up.


She's beautiful. And she really got along with my nephew Drew. The two of them were like brother and sister. It was fun to watch them.

drew and jasmin

Of course there was more to share with you. But reality is kicking in... It's time for me to go pick up Oliver. My niece left earlier today. My son went back to daycare today. And I go back to work tomorrow.

And we'll chat soon. (OK, I know. I'm the only one talking here....) ;)


  1. Welcome back Andrea! Happy new year. Your niece is so gorgeous. Your holidays look lovely.

  2. Thanks Mutant!!! I can't wait to share more. Now that I have some time... I hope. ;)


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