Blueberry Yogurt


Yum! I thought I'd write a quick post on how we eat yogurt in our home. I think this method is the best way to enjoy a healthy treat.

First, I buy a large container of plain organic yogurt. If you made a commitment to purchase just organic yogurt, you'd make a significant difference in helping the many organic farms stay in business, not to mention the nutritional benefits — no pesticides and toxins in your body, humane treatment of cows, etc.

yogurt and blueberries before-2

I apologize for the blurry photo. I'm not certain why I didn't stick around long enough to snap a better one!

You only need organic blueberries (or any other fruit!) and organic yogurt. (Berries are on the Dirty Dozen list, so it's something I normally purchase organic. I'll show the list at the bottom of the post, but if you want to learn more go here.)

I heat the berries slightly until their juices flow. If they are fresh, you may have to wait a bit until they pop. If they are frozen, it takes merely seconds to get them to defrost and exude juice. Either way, do not overheat! If they are too hot, allow them to cool a bit before adding to yogurt. But don't worry if they are slightly warm. It still tastes great with a bit of heat.

Then I go ahead an add them to my yogurt. It's that simple!

Peanut definitely enjoys it...

oz eating

oz eating2

By the way, if you like a slightly sweeter yogurt, sprinkle a little sugar or agave syrup on top. Sometimes I buy a vanilla yogurt, which has added sugars and is really a treat. But normally I try to stay away from that. Usually the juice from the fruit is just sweet enough and over time you will easily adjust to their natural sweetness. This is a much healthier choice.

One last look:


The Dirty Dozen

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PS. Take a look.... a name brand blueberry yogurt vs. our homemade style. :) I have nothing against those store bought ones (if they are organic) but adding your own fruit to yogurt using this method is seriously D-lish!!


  1. looks tasty :) so horrified that APPLES are the #1 thing with the most pesticides because we buy them and I eat them right out of the fridge w/o washing them.... not just once in a while... everyday! SHIT! I better at least start washing them... scary! *Megs*

  2. Megs... LOL... altho it's no laughing matter. BTW, mushrooms are on the "safe" list but I have tried mostly to purchase them organic b/c they are so porous.

    I actually wash my fruit / food with dish soap. And you know me... I have that non-toxic dish soap (it's awesome!)... ever since having Oliver I've been on high alert as to what has a higher toxicity than others.

    FYI... organic fruit is NOT ALWAYS more expensive than regular... but you have to shop at the Outpost or Whole Foods or Trader Joes and watch for sales. That's when we buy stuff.


  3. Hi, found you thru The blueberries look so good. Were they frozen? Thanks,


  4. Looks great!! I thought mushrooms were on the buy organic list b/c they were so porous.

    The fresh blueberries on yogurt look yummy. Never thought to heat them up before adding to yogurt. thanks!!!


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