2012 Determinations

Inspirational photo ... ;P .... Chicago, IL, from the John Hancock Center, facing south


This coming year, I am determined {God willing} to:
  1. arrive early
  2. return calls as soon as possible
  3. look great at work, not like I just woke up 
  4. get outdoors, be active
  5. read fiction books instead of marriage saving books
  6. get back to 120+ lbs  {aka: lose 20 lbs}
  7. get the RP website design finished
  8. wake up in time to do my daily readings; not rush in the morning
  9. prepare for the next day the night before
  10. keep my home a place of refuge and a sanctuary
  11. drink more water
  12. do less; spend less time traveling rushing from one place to the next
  13. teach oliver to pray with me, to give thanks and express gratitude
  14. keep the clothes off the floor of my bedroom :)
  15. get rid of stuff in basement; organize the second storage area
  16. keep car clean {this means I have to clean it first} 
  17. stay connected to God; to my church and my church family
  18. read a book to Oliver each night
  19. do things that make me feel good about who I am as a daughter, mother, sister (in law), auntie, friend and employee
  20. re-budget my finances
  21. remain calm and positive; have a forgiving heart
  22. grow up :)  ... not act irrationally or take things personally... have a sense of humor
  23. bite off only what I can chew {aka ... lose the massive vegetable garden; keep it simple}
  24. love others; treat them with kindness and a warm heart

Jasmin and Oliver, John Hancock Center, Signature Room


  1. We have a few things in common this year for sure. Your ideal weight is the same as mine for one.

  2. While 1-24 are all great, there really is only one that you need: Love Andrea just the way she is! We make lists and try our hardest to cross them off but they all are just products of the only one that matters. Love thy self. We have an image in our heads of what we should be instead of who he made us. All the others will get done when we want them too! : )

    PS-We can't see the clothes. So leave them on the floor! ;)


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