Still Waters


Today I'm grateful
  1. that the strength I have been feeling these last two months is still there
  2. that the weekend is here and I can get caught up on my life
  3. that I have options with regards to my career ... sometimes it just takes a little bit of action on my part to see what God's will for me is
  4. that I can be more direct than I have ever been
  5. that I get the chance to behave differently today; in other words, opportunities to react differently to others happen so often
  6. that I watch others grow right before my very eyes
  7. for my sisters (and sis-in-law)
  8. that I have ideas for my future that feel right to me
  9. for my spiritual mentor and her guidance, her calming voice, her acceptance, her help, her time
  10. for my beautiful son... his young chipmunk voice, his giggles and laughs and gleaming smiles and sparkling eyes
  11. for new music ... contemporary country is really cool I'm finding
  12. for heat in my home and the money to pay very expensive heating bills
  13. storm looming
  14. for the women I mentor, past and present
  15. for learning how to act differently in a particular situation .... beginning to, as of last night
  16. for Kathy .... she offered help, and I asked for it .... and she sat by my side when I had a daunting task in front of me
  17. for the women and men in my Bible study on Monday's.... they are the light of my week
  18. for a beautiful home
  19. for a man who is helping me with xmas decorations, my angel
  20. for another man who helped me with some handy man work, my dear friend
  21. for a young man who will be helping me with house stuff
  22. and for my car dealership who is going to change a fuse and light bulb for me at no charge
  23. and for yummy yummy coffee
  24. and for Jenny who has offered to come with me this weekend to put Velvet beside still waters
  25. and for my Dad and Dotti who will be waiting for me when I get home
Love you all,




  1. Ahhhh I recognize that sunset photo : ) that is from the day you visited us in Door County! Lovely day...lovely list...thank you for sharing it!


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