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I need you all today. For I believe that the true and intense joy I received yesterday was given to me to prepare me for the news I was to hear last night, and then the mean, unkind tone of voice I had to deal with today as I started my day. Please pray that I get the joy again.

Divorce is so hard, yeah, we all know, right? You don't know, you don't until you go thru it. I'm doing ok. I don't even want the a55hole back. Hate doesn't even describe what I feel.

I will need to accept that I will be lied to, cheated, treated unkindly and most probably be burned. I will have to realize that I cannot control what my X does with our child.

He's said he's given me trust. And he's asked for the same trust in return. I have a hard time with that because trust has to be earned.

I am very glad I have you guys here today. Please, if you have not posted a comment, today I need them. I'm not so down as I have been in the past. Just very very very hurt today. I just got punched in the face. Hung up on. Lied to. Told that I was not being lied to, and told that with huge amounts of superiority in his voice.

Why guys? Why do people not see things? How can they treat people so unkindly? How can they not have compassion? How can the walk in the path of spirituality, and not understand and have compassion for those around them?

Please help me today... with uplifting comments. I rarely ask for them. So today, if you could, would be a good day to hear from you. Help lift me up so I can even just get a small thread of the joy I felt yesterday.

Thanks friends....

PS. James update below.


  1. Oh Andrea, I am honored to lift you up today.

    I am not sure that this is helpful, but I will say it because it needs to be said:

    You can only control you. The only actions you have captivity over are yours.

    Choose kindness. Choose dignity. Choose to respond in a way that 6 months for now, you'll be proud of. God's word:

    But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also.
    Matthew 5:39

    He can do nothing, say nothing, behave in NO way that can rob you of your peace. Turn the other cheek. Brush yourself off. This battle is beginning and you, my dear, are up for it.

    Before you is God, behind you are your friends and family. You are well-equipped and you are brave.

  2. Think of it this way. What Matt has put you through so far has been abuse. You've survived the abuse. You'll survive the recovery (divorce). And you'll survive and survive and survive. And you'll blossom and blossom and blossom. Because that's who you are way deep down inside.

  3. Hey girl! Just keep in mind all those things you wrote about that you were Joyful about! Divorce sucks, but you truly truly do have a lot to be grateful for! ESPECIALLY that darling little boy of your's! Oh how I miss him!!!! Keep being the good mommy that you are, and keep putting 1 foot in front of the other! God's got your back girl ;) He sees around corners... you will survive this and thrive! xoxo Megs

  4. Thanks everyone.... @mutant, what you say i am going to hold onto, and hold and hold and hold.
    x o x o x o

  5. Stand Firm Andrea in Gods Truth. The darkness will be brought to Light! Just trust in the Lord and know that he can do far more than all you can ask or imagine, knowing there is no limit to what HE can accomplish. Ask HIS spirit to control your mind through all this so that you can only think great thoughts of HIM. Don't be discouraged by the fact that many of your prayers are yet unanswered. Time is a trainer, teaching you to wait upon HIM, to trust HIM in the dark. The more extreme your circumstances, the more likely you are to see HIS POWER and GLORY at work in the situation. Don't let this difficult trial draw you into worrying, but try to vieew them as setting the scene for GOD's Glorious Intervention. Keep you eyes and your mind wide open to all GOD is doing in your life. Stay strong for Oliver, Keep the Faith and know HE will never forsake you. The darkness WILL be brought to LIGHT. You are not alone in this Journey !! :) Daniel

  6. Holding you in the Light. Throughout this process, you have continued to seek and to recognize and to celebrate joy and peace and laughter and is all around you. It cannot remove the ugly and hurtful things, but you can focus on it. And, through that, you will thrive.

  7. Sending you warm and loving thoughts. Please remember all the good in your life...your loving family, your precious son, your caring friends...and draw strength from those to fuel you through the journey ahead...

    God is walking with you. And when you get through, you will be stronger for it.

  8. Remember what you said yesterday about the fog? This is the fog, but one day the fog will protect you.

    If this hurts, then it is the worst it will hurt, because you are stepping away from him, and soon he will not be able to hurt you.

    Keep walking.

  9. you can have all the support I can give you. Going through some very tough times myself and I send blessings your way! Please take care of yourself and peanut and always remember you never journey alone.

  10. ok little one, you got the Oprah pie in the sky support, now I'll give you the Dr. Phil tell it like it is support. You married a drug addict in the throws of his addiction. How do you know when a drug addict is lying? His lips are moving. You can't expect to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. Don't talk to the guy. Anything coming out of his mouth will be a lie. He is not a nice person, never was, never will be. His is a good con so he will appear to be nice to others, but never bet on his sincerity, bet against it.
    God has been sending answers to your prayers for years but you have not been hearing it. You were told quite some time ago to get a legal separation to protect yourself financially. But instead of trusting the trustworthy, you put your trust in a possibility you could get something back that was bad for you. just so long as you didn't upset the apple cart! Do the right thing. Get a legal separation or better yet, divorce. Go to court to get legal custody, get the passport and keep it locked up. Don't give the little one to someone who won't tell you where he lives. Get to court quickly, get custody and in the custody agreement include that you have to know the address of the house your son is at. Tell the drug addict he can't have the kid until you know where he lives, don't take his phone calls, and if you need someone to buffer for you, I'll come up for a while. He won't treat me like shit but one time. I'm not scared of him. He knows I don't like him and I'll call the law if he pulls any crap on me.

    Now isn't that more practical than saying Trust in God? You have to know when God is speaking and when ego is speaking. God is there to help, you have to do the right thing. Take action! You will feel better about yourself.

  11. When you're going through hell, KEEP GOING! Some steps are harder than others, but each step is forward progress.


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