My Prayer was Answered

I said this prayer a while back:

God please give me the strength to let go. I don't see what's in the inside of Matt, but you do. I place him in your hands, just as Abram placed his son into yours.

I ask you to please allow me to see what other's see in me, to judge myself not as Matt judges me, but to feel and know instead your love, your promises and your will for me.

With love today,

I want you to know, it's true. It's become true for me.

There has been a shift in me. I have let go.

Today I do see what other's see in me. I judge myself according to how well I treat others today, how well I perform my job today, what kind of friend, mother, employee I've been today. I no longer link my self-evaluation to my X. I feel and know God's love for me, His promises for me, His will for me.

My prayers are always answered. ALWAYS. I have faith in the God of my understanding. I've never been happier with my walk with God. It is thee best thing that has happened to me in the last 17 months.