11.18.2011 UPDATE: Crystal, James' mom sent this to me at 8:30 am...

He slept all the way 9 to 4 when IV alarm went off. Only 1 spit up after that. They brought me a regular bed at that time. 

 * * * * *
11.17.2011 UPDATE: Crystal, James' mom sent this to me at 9:15 am...

He had a rough nite. Nauseous. NG tube. Had Dr remove tube when I got here. MUCH better since then. Even walked twice in 1 hour.
 * * * * *
11.16.2011 UPDATE: Crystal, James' mom sent this to me right now at 11 am...

Successful surgery. 2 1/2 hrs. Says he didn't sleep much last nite. Has a roommate so I couldn't stay.  I was back at 6:45 am n saw doctors at 7. Except for interruptions today, he's been napping. Hasn't hit the pain meds often. Actually only 3 times since I got here. Really want to get him up and walking late today.

* * * * *

11.15.2011 UPDATE: Crystal, James' mom, sent this the day of  surgery at 5 pm...

Out of recovery soon. Surgery went just fine. 2-1/2 hour. Now pain maintenance n healing. Thanks for all your prayers.

* * * * *

Hi everyone. My nephew, James, is having his second surgery today at 11:00 am. Please pray for him. I will keep posting to let you know how he's doing.

Thank you....



  1. I will keep James in my thoughts and prayers---hope all goes well.


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