I am Joyful

Joy is the infallible sign of the presence of God.
Teilhard de Chardin

  1. for my amazing, amazing God
  2. for the incredible presence of God in my life
  3. for no longer having a single DOUBT that God is taking care of me, very good care of me
  4. for knowing, now, finally, that I am beautiful
  5. for knowing, now, finally, that I am going to be OK
  6. for today's reading in Jesus calling.... about the fog....
  7. for the incredible TRUST I now, finally, have in God
  8. for the clarity that I prayed for this weekend, that friends prayed for me.... I RECEIVED IT!!!!!
  9. for taking those steps I needed to take.... they were freeing steps, comforting steps, joyful steps.....
  10. for God giving me one of thee best people I could ever have in my court
  11. for this incredible happiness I have in my heart today.... it started at Bible study on Monday evening and it has only gotten better since then....
  12. for the amazing people in my Bible study.... truly warm, welcoming, loving, accepting, faithful, beautiful people .... really really good people
  13. for all I have in my life... my blog readers, my friends, my job, my amazing family
  14. for this huge ball of love I feel in my heart right this very moment
  15. for my darling little son .... I could cry .... thank you God so much for allowing me to be a mother to him
  16. for the incredible JOY in my heart....

You guys.... I'm going to be OK... I KNOW it now.... I know it....

with love,


Looking for a James update? See post below....


  1. Andrea - I've fallen super far behind on my blog reading (my google reader stopped counting - it just says 1000+ unread blog posts - cripes!) but i spent a little time this morning catching up on RP. I love your blog, your wisdom, your strength and your vulnerability. Just wanted to encourage you and also say hello! Plus - I would love to grab a coffee sometime! Not sure what your weekdays are like but mine are a little more open these days...let me know! lisa.wenzler@gmail.com xoxoxoxo


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