Today I’m Grateful

  1. for the gift of growth
  2. for the gift of writing
  3. for the gift of anger, finally
  4. for the courage to be angry
  5. for the courage to face my future
  6. for the courage to accept what is
  7. for my son
  8. for my dad
  9. for a wonderful dinner last night
  10. for the gift of compassion and tolerance for others
  11. for the gift to be forthright
  12. for the kind things peeps said to me last weekend
  13. for the fact that i tried, and tried and tried, and did not give up
  14. for the apartments in my neighborhood that give me hope
  15. for good strong coffee
  16. for kathy and cyndy at the retreat helping me knock my husband down off his pedestal
  17. for kathy checking in on me this week
  18. for the bosses that i have at my job
  19. that each review comes with a pay increase, and i get my review next week and i'm anticipating a pay increase, hopefully
  20. for the relationship i have with god
  21. for the bible which really reinforces the things i've learned in other ways
  22. for the really good friends i have
  23. for my doctor
  24. for a book study tonight
  25. for a weekend in town for a change
  26. for God, giving God my fears (there are a million of them) and giving God my hurts (again, more there too) and God telling me that I can pray BIG things, that I can STILL pray for my marriage while I move on, that I don't have to stoop to resentments and revenge, that He will definitely take care of me. This I hope and I try to have faith in........

This is what I hope for myself...