Kiss Me

Ah.... first kisses. They are soft, delightful, amazing, innocent, powerful and enlightening. They can make a gal weak in the knees and make her front bum awaken as a man breathes softly into her ear... She feels wonderfully beautiful, his kisses sweet and enjoyable. He powers his unquenchable desires for more of her. Ultimately, when his affection is tender and warm, she feels beautiful and wanted. When a woman feels desired, she is capable of a kiss that reaches into his soul and wraps it in sweetness. She doesn't let go, can't let go and gives into his request for more of her. His chest becomes her safe place. Secure in his strong arms, she pulls closer to him. She needs to be kissed. Everywhere. In any way. She craves more, and he obliges.

(A girl can dream, right?) (Maybe I should write romance novels! Celibacy can foster that along!) (I hope y'all are laughing right now...)

It's fun to think about my future romance opportunities. Despite what I've gone thru and the emotional train-wreck I'm crawling out of, I am optimistic about my future. “Something really good is waiting for you.” I've been told. The "ex" has made practically every other guy look like Mark Wahlberg (hello hot hot hot, omg, hot), Justin Timberlake (my personal favorite and "buddy"), Edward Norton (oh my god, don't get me started with that guy...hello abs.), Jude Law (today's Jude and actually my first pick), Orlando Bloom, Hugh Jackman, Clive Owen, and Daniel Craig just to name a few. Yes to each. I cannot wait to meet each and every one of them. I don't need a man. I've proven that. I certainly know that I don't want to be treated like I have been, not now, not ever. It would be really nice, nice, nice to be wanted, admired, treated well, desired, and of course, kissed. I know it will happen. I get to chose. There are many to chose from.

Oh I cannot wait to be kissed!

PS. This is the video I really wanted you to see but was too shy to have it play on my blog. Parental permission required for viewing.... ooooh, it's steamy. :)


  1. This is sweet and fills anyone who watches it with that certain longing.....


  2. Loved this!!!!


  3. I don't think I've ever commented on a blog before (not sure why I'm doing it now), but I have to say this reminds me of the last scene of one of my favorite movies - Cinema Paradiso. A must-see, if you haven't seen it already.

  4. I cannot tell you what feelings and emotions I had after reading this post. I cannot justify in words on a page what I felt. By the way, I called my daughter Annie "Peanut."

    Andrea you have a gift. A wonderful gift of writing. You are very talented. I wish I could even explain in words what emotions ran through me as I read "Kiss Me" and then listened to Leah Nash of Sixpence None the Richer sing one of my favorite songs. "There She Goes" isn't bad either. The feelings and emotions drew tears. As I write this I can only see the blur from my watery eyes. I think of the tender emotions of the kiss you so eloquently put into words. The power of the Kiss and the longing for the emotional bond of a Kiss. The connection, the touch, the feelings...........

    You have a beautiful heart and a wonderful gift God has given you. Thank you for helping me feel alive again for what has so long been absent. Your words will linger in my heart for the emotions that came from experiencing "Kiss Me."

    Your words are a window to your heart and what beautiful words they were. THANK YOU for the feeling and emotions of a kiss without actually experiencing it.

    Keep writing..........You have been gifted in more ways than one !!!!.............With a big heart. It will be whole once again. Trust me or better yet Trust God !!!!!!!!!



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