We’re Home!


Hi all! I'd love to give you a quick synopsis of our trip, but we’ve been jetted right back into the swing of things here. This morning when Oliver awoke he asked why we were not back at the cottage. When I told him I had to go to work he asked, “So you can buy me more presents?” :) We left Door County last night at 8pm on the dot. We swam in Ephraim Bay Beach until 7:30 or so, just in time to watch the sun set...(check back for a photo!) It was a breezeless 85 degrees outside. After a quick change of clothes, we drove into the next town and had a wonderful dinner. It was so nice to finish off the week with a home cooked meal, one in which I did not have prepare nor clean up after. When dinner was over, we piled back in the car and headed for home. Within the hour, my travel partner was asleep with a sigh and a yawn.

It was nice coming home to our three cats who were well-fed and well-cared for during our absence. In the next week or so we will have to put one of our cats down, poor guy. He was loved while we were gone, but he has the late stages of diabetes, and it's too much for me to care for him plus everything else in my life. I'll show you pix of him this week.

But the home was warm, clean and welcoming. Our beds were waiting and I carried my sleeping limp child in. He peaked his eyes open, stated he was tired, and crawled right into a pillow. I didn't hear from him until 7 am the next day.

So thanks for joining me. I'll give you a recap shortly, just as soon as I get back into the swing of life here. We had a fun last two or three days in Door County. What a little slice of heaven!


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