Today I’m Grateful

  1. feeling better and better and stronger and stronger every day
  2. feeling confident at my job
  3. having Oliver the last two days... he's a treat
  4. having the $$ to buy him additions to his train set
  5. our Door County cottage... cozy and wonderful and warm
  6. electronics! :)
  7. getting a decent night's rest
  8. letting go and REALLY letting God
  9. thinking about my future in a positive light
  10. treading gently and gaining confidence that I will be OK
  11. learning how I want to be treated, what I want in a relationship
  12. knowing that if my bond with God is tight, not much will rock me
  13. breathing deep, clearly and refreshingly
  14. my commitment and complete dependence upon God
  15. incredibly sweet, perfectly ripened bananas at my desk this week
  16. waking up feel good about myself!
  17. thinking of possibilities instead of losses
  18. realizing that it's not me
  19. realizing that my husband is going thru something that I don't quite understand and that I cannot help him with. Only God can
  20. Learning what it REALLY means to Let Go and Let God

Have a great weekend everyone!