Thank You

I'm so blessed. I have so many to lean on here in my life. And thanks to them, I am doing pretty good today. :)

I have my dear friend Kathy who spent the night with me this week, sleeping on a very stiff couch so that I would not have to be alone. Kathy is also a prayer partner. I like to pray, I like praying with others. It's beautiful to speak to God in front of others, or to listen to others pray. But when Kathy prays, something amazing happens. The world gets quiet. My head stops spinning. My heart beat slows down. My breathing slows. I not only hear her prays, but they lift me, carry me up, connecting me to my heavenly Father. I feel when she prays that all of life stands still and absolutely nothing, no nothing else matters.

I have my friend Maggie who is an amazing example of a Christian. She is calm, connected, concerned. She carries me too. I slept at her home this past week, and in fact, it's where I am tonight. I am not alone.

I have Jackie. I work with her also. Whenever I have a bad day or whenever I need a safe place to go, I find her office. I sit down by her feet and she can stroke my hair and just listen. She's calming, loving and quiet. She's an amazing woman (she has many many facets) and she's my angel at work.

I have Rega who lifts my spirits. Thank you dear. You always say just the right things to me to boost my self-esteem, making my future so bright.

I have my friend Lisa who comments here often and we are connected, indirectly, but connected and I feel her spirit often.

I have my dear dear friend Pamela. She's oceans away but only moments away from my heart. I know she prays for me. I know she loves me. She is my cheerleader, my confidant, my support beam. I need her more than she knows. I look up to her more than she realizes. I respect her so much and wish wish wish she lived closer. But I don't think she can get any closer in my heart.

I have Jeri. She's direct, calm, positive. She's kind of a spiritual mentor to me. I check in with her often. She always takes time for me. Her voice is so calming, gentle and yet so incredibly direct. She cuts thru the BS and tells it like it is. Somehow she has a gift so that I don't feel ashamed for my silly thoughts that I share with her. She's compassionate, kind and understanding. Above all she laughs at herself often, and that gives me permission to laugh at myself too!

I have MaryHelen. She is the woman my pastor appointed to meet with me for all my Christian and spiritual questions. I thank her for she hardly knows me and she's a very busy woman with life-changing things going on in her own life. But she is a woman of God and she takes the time to walk me thru any questions or pain that I have.

I have Sue, Cris, Tracy and Jenny. I mentor these women. I've known them for a while now. They are wonderful women. And altho I mentor them, they carry me and love me and hold me up. They told me they will get me thru this and I believe them.

I have Ruth who I met online but not yet in person. She took the courage to email me after I posted something on Michelle Weiner-Davis's wall on facebook. Ruth and I email each other often and she's been a real blessing in my life.

I have a number of other women too, not mentioned here. There are so many! Crys, Shelly, Rachel, Brea, Christi, Angie, Angie, Molly, Mary, LouAnn, Katy, Jackie, Sarah, Laura, Richele, Patti, Audrey, Chris, Jenny, Megan, Kathy, Betsy, Ann, Susie, Megan, Beth, Amie, Danyel, Elizabeth, Deb, Ann ... the list goes on. Many of these women cried with me. Spent time with me. Have taken care of me. Spent weekends with me, dinners, book and bible studies, phone calls, you name it. I can't believe it. Some of them will drop whatever it is they are doing to help me, to be there for me, each and every time I call them. I love them.

Of course my nephews James and Drew. They are the most precious boys in the world. And even my sweet nephew Correy. They all love me! They ask how I'm doing. They offer to lend a shoulder to cry on or an ear if I need to talk. Really? How did I get this lucky?

I even have a few guy friends who lift me up. Mike, Aaron, Nick, Jeffrey, Andy, John, Paul, Sean, ... this list goes on too.

Heck, today I even made friends with the customer service agent from Old Navy who cried with me on the phone today! I had an error with my order, she gave me a big credit and I thanked her for doing that, for making my week. I don't know why, but I told her I had a rough week, and I shared — with a stranger mind you — about what I was told this week. She began to cry as she related her own similar experience and how she and her husband got thru it. They've been married 37 years!

My goodness! Can I be any more blessed?

So I'm OK. I really really am. I'm busy all day today and Sunday we are making organic caramel apples. Tune in for some fun. See you all soon. Thanks for your uplifting comment and prayers.


  1. And you are a blessing in my life as well

    Im glad you are doing better.

    Hugs, R


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