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Mommy, play with me. Otherwise you'll miss playing with me.
- Oliver

Sunday was a wonderful day. I got up early and did the Komen walk/run. The rain held off and the experience was cool. I've done it one other time. There is no one in my family or life that I know of who died or survived BC, but I wanted to do it anyway. It's an amazing experience. Photos to follow soon.

Oliver came home just after that, having spent both Friday and Saturday nights at his dads. Boy, was I glad to see him!

Then I made three soups:

Sweet Potato Leek
Creamy Califlower Mushroom
Cheesy Potato with Red Peppers and Goat Cheese

And I made thee most incredible Mac & Cheese for dinner. Holy Moley! Fan-friggin-tastic.

And yes, I made all the recipes up. No I don't have pix. Yes, I will post recipes shortly.

This weekend, kitchen did not get cleaned or organized. I was barely able to throw in load of laundry last night. It still awaits the dryer. The fridge needs to be overhauled (toss it out!) I have bulk food that has been sitting on my counter for a full week (ok, maybe two!) that needs to be placed into the pantry, and a boat-load of mail and papers to sort thru. The cats need attention. My dresser drawers are not organized the way I need them to be (I had someone come by to help me a few weeks ago organize things, but I can't find where she put everything! Such as, where the heck did my clean undies go??!!) :) :) And I have two suitcases of clean clothes that still need restocking. (Ah yes, that's two trips to Door County sitting on my floor.) I'd really love to take a shower, wear something decent and gosh, the grass and leaves have become a jungle outside and all my mums are dead. The curb is definitely not appealing. It's all not pretty if you ask me.

But you know what? Oliver needed me. He wanted to play trains. He has this amazing train table in our living room and he has Brio, Thomas, IKEA, Melissa & Doug ... just all sorts of cool train stuff...  bridges, windmills, ski lifts and tunnels, toll booths, a haunted mine, railroad crossing signals, bridges, bridges and mores bridges. Trains, trains and more trains. He needs a bigger table!

Instead of taking care of the household, I spent the day playing trains with him, swiftly catching glimpses of the Packer game when he wouldn't notice. (Ah, but he noticed!)

Thankfully he was OK with me checking on the soup every now and then stating, "We don't want to burn the soup, do we Momma?!" But if I was gone too long he'd come into the kitchen looking for me, reminding me that I needed to come play with him. At one point he pulled up his step stool and actually helped me with dinner (this is the part of the day where he finally realized he was hungry and he suggested that I go into the kitchen to make us dinner.) So I was able to limit my providing to get down on my knees and enter a pretend world of sons and fathers (trains) and parties, presents and cake (the autos on the train table had a party) and play with my Peanut. He's 3 1/2 and growing so fast, I know he's right.

If I don't play with him, I'll miss playing with him.


  1. So so true. Good choice to let the house go .... I miss playing with my girls. Would give anything to be begged to play Polly Pockets again. The days are long, but the years are short.


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