Door County Sunset


I owe you pix of our 10 days in Door County, and then of course, photos from another weekend there right after that. It's been a while since I've shown you some visuals on RP. Therefore, it's picture time! Not too many words today.

However, for those of you interested, I'm doing good actually! Yay!

Today was the first day in months, even when I was feeling good, that I woke up without a dark cloud over my head and heart. It was great. And it lasted the day. The evening tonight was good too. I had a Wild Tree tasting party and then the girls and I went down the street for a glass of wine. I love my neighborhood. It's small, friendly, close-knit. I went to a block party in August (not my block) and met 3 new moms. Two of them came by tonight. It was really, really fun. I was going to meditate after that with my friend Kathy, but these girls would just not leave. ;) I had to resched the meditation. But the wine made up for that. :)

OK onto the photos! We spent many of our late afternoons and evenings at the beach(es). Waters were clear, the sand was soft. Each night was warm, and the final stages of the day slipped slowly past the water until just a soft glow hovered above the tree line. It would cool off slightly after the sun's dismissal, but the stillness in the air kept Oliver from feeling too cold. I'd wrap him in a towel and pull him close to me to warm him up. The photos below are from our last Saturday of the 10-day visit. We only went to the water to play, not to swim that evening. The sun passed quietly and quickly as we listened to the tender waves dip into the shoreline. It was a wonderful way of life for a short while.







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