Summer Harvest Turkey Burgers

turkey burger

Yum yum in the tum!

  • 1 lb fresh ground turkey
  • 1/4 red onion, very finely diced
  • 1 small teeny tiny red / green / purple / yellow pepper {Use whatever color and flavor suites your fancy. My pepper happened to have all of the above colors in one!} 
  • 1 small teeny tiny zucchini
  • 1 slice whole wheat bread
  • a bunch (lots and lots) of basil leaves (I used 10+ large ones)
  • a small bunch of fresh parsley (I picked one branch from my patch)
  • 2 heaping teaspoons grated Parmisiano Regiano (or any parmesan) {NOTE: please, chose a flavorful parmesan, not the one in a green shaker}
  • a few good, hard shakes of salt (and pepper) to taste

  • Dice the bell pepper and onion very fine, very small
  • grate the zucchini
  • douse the slice of bread with water, squeeze out all the excess and add the squished bread to your mixing bowl
  • finely chop the fresh basil and fresh parsley
  • mix all ingredients in a bowl together, by hand!
  • divide into small burgers, about 2 oz each before cooking
  • grill on a hot grill pan, about 3 minutes on the first side, 2 minutes on the second side. Cook thru, but do not over cook or your turkey burgers will dry out!
  • serve plain or on a bun

These turkey burgers are so awesome and flavorful that I did not eat them with a bun nor with any condiments! They are absolutely out of this world. They are moist, flavorful and healthy too! You wont regret trying these. But please, do yourself a favor and make sure you use fresh parsley and fresh basil. I'm not a big parsley fan. But since I had it in the garden, I thought I'd throw it in. Wow—great surprise. What an incredible depth it added to the mix!



  1. I think I'll pop in before the garden gets frostbite so you can prepare the healthy burger for me!

  2. That burger looks good. I love fresh basil. I've never heard of a pepper with all those colors! You are a great cook! When is your cookbook coming out?

    Don't you think your husband misses your cooking!? :) That alone would be a reason to reconcile! (Just kidding, hope you don't mind....)

    Glad you're doing well!

    Jean (Austin, TX)

  3. Teri, is that you commenting again? Aren't you back in school by now?

    @Jean, thanks for the compliment. I love to cook! I'd love to have a cook book but I guess I have to get more famous like Pioneer Woman or something!

    I bet Matt does miss my cooking. I miss his too!

    Take care!


  4. Yep, I'm back in school. Would love to bring a bottle of armenian wine to your house for Christmas. Last year was the best Christmas I had in many years. And since you now have a wine aerator, the wine will taste good...maybe.

  5. Teri, yes, that WAS the best christmas in a long, long time! How fun! We'll have to hook up with the Wojonowski's again! :)

  6. ahhh, I'd LOVE to make these if I knew how many calories they had lol. I am a huge turkey burger fan because of their lower calories than a regular burger. these sound soooo good! *Megs*

  7. @Megs, they ARE great and low in points (WW) which means low in calories. They were 2 points each for a 2 oz burger. Therefor, for each oz, you get a point. If you want to be EVEN lower, use only BREAST meat (ground) and then you will have less less less calories.

    I used a combination of white and dark meat (higher in calories). However, ifyou use ONLY white meat, do NOT overcook no matter what! They will be dry and very yucky, and then you wont like them! If you use only breast meat, use a little more zucchini or add spices, or use a ketchup or bbq sauce. That will add flavor and keep the calorie count down!

    Let me know how it works!!!

    x o x o

  8. So how many oz is the burger that you pictured, do u know? Also- isn't there a conversion for points to calories? I don't follow WW but I know people who have and I thought 1 point=50 calories or something like that? Let me know if you know : ) *Megs*

  9. @Megs, I don't know the conversion, but I will look it up. The burger is 2oz = 4pt. It would a LOT less points if I used ground WHITE meat! But then, the white meat is so incredibly dry, so then you can use more zucchini. The bread (watered down and squeeze out, added to the mix) makes the burger so incredibly moist. The peppers, onions and parsley/basil (fresh) flavor it so well. It's still mild, but so good. I didn't even use a bun nor ketchup! The burger pictured is 2oz. I ate 4 burgers! I couldn't stop. The thing with turkey is that it's not as filling as a regular burger, plus it's healthier.

    If you try it, let me know how it goes! I'll do my best to find conversions for you!

    x o x o andrea

  10. Oops! 2oz = 2 points! Yikes! I had a typo!

  11. PPS megan.... not all calories are equal! So the calories in your veggies are not going to make you gain weight. The ones in the burger and bread will... esp if it's white bread. Just an FYI... x o x o


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