Another Needed Weekend with the Girls

Northport sundown, Gills Rock, WI


Door County is just one of thee most beautiful spots in Wisconsin. I love Wisconsin, but never moreso than I have the past few years. I'll never forget the first time Matt took me up to Door County for a romantic long weekend away. He carefully planned this time for us, one of the first real getaways we've had. And he did it all by himself, without my asking, prodding or making suggestions. It was really, really sweet.

If you are not sure where Door County is on the Wisconsin map, it’s easy to find. Green Bay sits on the base of the peninsula, and the county starts just above it. Once you get past Sturgeon Bay, the romance begins. However, a love interest is not necessary to enjoy this Midwestern Cape Cod escape.

Signed print, limited edition by Karin Miller Knutson

The peninsula is dotted with little towns on both sides. On the bay side are Egg Harbor, Fish Creek, Ephraim (which National Geographic listed as one of the best small town escapes in America), Sister Bay, Ellison Bay, and Gills Rock. On the lake are Jacksonport and Bailey’s Harbor. There are a few state parks as well: Peninsula State Park, Newport State Park, Rock Island and Whitefish Dunes. Amazing stuff. There are 11 light houses, over a dozen islands, kayaking, canoeing, boating, fishing, hiking, swimming, sunrise yoga on beach. There are artists, actors, musicians. You can scuba dive old shipwrecks, race go carts, even see a double-feature at the Skyway Outdoor Theatre. From fish boils to authentic French cuisine, from art fairs and weekend festivals to auctions, the list just goes on.

Did I mention the pies?

Apple Cherry Pie

sweetiepies apple cherry pie

Peach Pie

sweetiepies peach pie

Cherry Raspberry Pie

sweetiepies cherry raspberry pie

Buried Treasure Pie

sweetiepies buried treasure pie

Caramel Apple Pie

sweetiepies apple caramel pie

Blackberry Blueberry Pie

sweetiepies blackberry blueberry pie

Everyone’s favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie (OH MY GOD!)

sweetiepies chocolate chip cookie pie

Can you believe I never even liked pie until we came up here? Yes friends, I’m a pie convert. I will not eat any other pies. So those of you who want to send me pie — don’t. Nothing compares. Nothing.

And don't get me started on the Corsica Loaf™ from Door County Bakery...

corsica loaf

This is a bread you can find only in Door County, and it might well be worth traveling the country for. It’s a French loaf baked in a 10,000-pound French stone hearth oven, but the absolute miracle is the blend of sesame seeds and olive oil to “top” it off with. Can you see the olive oil on the bottom of the loaf? Heat this puppy up and you’re really in for an explosion of flavor in your mouth. CAUTION: this bread is not for the faint and weak. Only a real woman would eat this kind of carbo heaven. :)

corsica loaf dcb

Some day I will write a post on all the great little places that I've found in this part of the state, all the amazing bakeries, breads, pies, jams, shops, antiques and food. It is a little Midwestern paradise, and it's all mine for the taking, as long as I can find a weekend to get up there.

My gals and I had some great times this weekend. I go with a small group of women each year and our time together is too short and too precious. One gal could not make it this year. The three of us had a wonderful time anyway. Allow me to introduce you to them.

Here's Judy:


Here's Cris:


Here's me:


We did some hiking, biking, walking, swimming and running. We did a tad bit of shopping (not much) and a lot of praying, reading and sharing. I love feeling renewed and thankful. I have so much to be grateful for. I’m feeling happier than I have in a long time, more confident, more connected to God, more assured that I am doing all the right things for myself and my son.

On Friday we ventured to Washington Island for a bike trip around the island. I was most enamoured with my new ap: Instagram. Here are the iPhone pix I took that day:

Washington island

Lemonade. Washington island

lemonade stand

Trailer in Washington island

School house rock

Washington island corn


Washington island

Washington island

Washington island

I've been instagramming like crazy lately. It's a fun little ap that gives homage to the Polaroid camera and the Kodak Instamatic of the 70's. It also has a News feed so that there is a social networking aspect to this ap. If you have an iPhone, get the ap! It's free, and then look for raisinpeanut and start following me! :)  (Note: no G in raisin!)

So we left the island that day refreshed and full of gratitude. It was a simply perfect day.

Washington island

The next day we visited a friend of Judy's who lives in our hometown but is building a house on the peninsula. This is Kris and Michael. This is year 4 of their home-building project. I thought making my own baby food was a feat. These two are building the house themselves. Themselves!

kris and husband

house 4 years

We set out after that for the dunes. Cris had an itch to go swimming despite the 70-degree temps. The water was 70 degrees as well, so it felt great to go for a swim!

The Whitefish Dunes are a marvelous feat of nature. The water is shallow and unsuspectingly strong. We swam in the ocean lake and dug our feet into the soft, silky sand. The shallow water extended infinitely into the distance.

cris andrea swim


cris andrea swimming2

cris judy swimming


whitefish bay

cris and judy after swim

Then we hiked up to Old Baldy, the biggest dune in the park.



We ended that evening with a lovely dinner on Little Sister Bay, watching the sun set. And wouldn't you know, there was a full moon waiting for us on the drive home!

fred and fuzzys waterfront bar and grill

fred and fuzzy

little sister bay sunset

littlesisterbay sunset

evening in fred and fuzzys

full moon

Well, I could go on and tell you even more details of the weekend, but I think this post is quite long enough! I am sure you get the picture (or 30 40 pictures!)....

My guests this summer up at the cottage has been top rate! I’m so blessed to have close friendships with really great gals. I've had a weekend away with just Maggie and Oliver, with Brea and Rachel, and now with Judy and Cris. Each of these women are very very close to me, very special to me, have helped me with their love, support, guidance, patience and understanding. They are all examples to me of strong women who put God first, who practice right actions, who are amazing mothers, friends, wives, dog owners and people. I love them! Thanks ladies!

{Now I just have to get Pamela*, Ann and Deb up here!}

littlesisterbay sunset

*Speaking of Pamela, kindly please pray for her father, Orrin. He fell and hit his head on the concrete floor. He is currently in ICU and has been for a few days. She traveled to be with him and her family. Please keep them all in your prayers. Pamela has been one of my biggest friends thru all that I have been going thru. She prays for me daily — she's my example of faith.

And to update you on James, he's home now. Doing OK... good actually. He just broke up with his girlfriend, so young ladies, he's single!! :) I'll keep you updated on his status (both health-wise and love-wise!).


  1. Great post Andrea! I love the Instagram photos! I will have to download that ap and follow you!


  2. Door County sounds like fun. We're so hot down here in Texas. I'm glad you're doing good. You are an example of living life no matter what! Thanks and keep sharing. Love the photos, especially the ap. I'll have to check that out.

    Jean (from Austin, TX)


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