Yo Yo Yo, Wazzup?


Someone got a new pair of sunglasses....

And a new tow truck....

That someone also has a cool way of wearing his sunglasses off the eyes...


That little someone is also slightly irritable lately.


Notice the wheel barrel behind him. I purchased this so that my little guy could help his mother carry in groceries.

But when that little someone is sick (he was in the 4th day of 102-103 fevers), he's still not so willing.

Notice when he brings out the power pout....


Oh that lower lip. I could just suck on it. Except that initiates the power scream 10.0 temper tantrum, and while I might laugh, my little Peanut thinks it's no laughing matter.

I had to give him a break tho. He had a fever since Saturday. When it finally broke on Monday, he broke out in a rash all over his little tiny torso. His face was one red splotch.

 *   *   *   *   *  W A R N I N G  *   *   *   *   *

Graphic rash photos to follow!





My poor little guy. The rash thankfully did not itch. He had Roseola, a "harmless" viral infection which usually ends with a rash that is not contagious. 

But my little red bug has been quite grumpy the past week. Today I got to see glimpses of his usual goofy self so I know he's on the mend. Thank goodness! Not that I don't love a little cuddle now and then. But this guy seems to have lost his enthusiasm for his pint-sized life. Thank goodness he still has his sweet tooth.

Why just tonight at the grocery store we had this conversation:

Oliver: Look Momma!!! Donuts!!
Momma: Donuts? How do you know what donuts are?
Oliver: We have them at Daddy's place.
Momma: Oh really?
Oliver: Yep.

Matt, you are so busted!



  1. He just is the cutest little man. Did he get a hair cut? Im so glad he's feeling better. What is his fav. donut?

    ((())))s R


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