Sugarland — Stay

Have you heard this song? Well, it's my theme song now. But.... you absolutely have to listen to it to the very end. :) Then you'll know how I'm doing today.

I'm just sayin.


  1. A, I have posted this on my fb wall many times. It is also my anthem. What a powerful song. If only they, and they know who they are, would listen to it and feel the emotion of the song. Doubt it though.

    Hugs, R

  2. @R

    Did you listen to the words in the last 30 seconds of the song? The song is not for "them" it's for those of us who have spent too much time on our knees begging them to stay.

    The last 30 seconds of that song are the whole reason I love it. It's a powerful song for the woman, not the guy who left.

    Andrea :)


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