Raising a Boy


I love having a boy.


At first I was so sad when they told me we were going to have a boy. Angry in fact.


I wanted to blame Matt, but then I found out that the woman's genes determine the sex but I couldn't because at the time I believed that the woman’s chromosome determines the sex.


How could this happen to me? I asked myself. I'm a girly-girl.


I wanted to get our toes painted together, buy her dresses, brush her hair. I never wanted to buy trucks.


And so many of them at that!

For instance, when I take care to neatly build something, (in this case, our friend Maggie was the architect)


and Oliver notices,


it doesn't take long before ...





anthony and the boys

It's been great learning more about their species. ;) That's Jonathon, Anthony and Oliver above. Our neighbors at the cottage.

Look at this cute little bug with his mommy. He's A.J.


I got to hold and squeeze and hug and kiss this little guy. Yum! All of our cottage neighbors were up for the weekend. The boys hung out.

Maggie, our guest, was a good sport. We had no agenda other than to let life unfold. Pretty nice stuff.


But my Oliver. Oh my little Oliver. He's an amazing child. I thank my lucky stars each day for him. I spoil him with love, comfort, touch and good food. We walk together, we sleep together, we eat together, we play together. He's my little guy, my little partner in life. He's happy, joyful and funny.


The other day I snapped at him as he kept saying something to me while I was trying to listen to a message on my phone. I had to keep restarting the message and finally I snapped. Oliver!! Give me a minute!! I said sharply. He slithered away. I put my phone down and found him around the corner, sitting on the floor, looking at his lap.

I scooped up his sad little body and tried to mend those hurt feelings.

Mommy: "I love you. Mommy snapped. I'm sorry. That was not nice. How about some hugs and kisses .... and...... popsicles!?" 


Mommy: "Ok, how about just hugs and kisses?" 


Oliver: "How about just popsicles?" 

We laughed.

He ate three.

*  *  *  *   T H E   W E E K E N D   *  *  *  *


  1. Actually, the father IS responsible. Women have no choice in which chromosome they contribute-- it's always X (because we're XX). Men produce half X sperm and half Y sperm and that's what determines the sex of the baby.


    :) Sorry, I'm a nerd.

  2. @mutant.....OH great. One more thing to be grateful to Matt for.... thanks! ;) (I'm being sarcastic)......

  3. What a lovely post :) I, too, was soooo shocked when you announced you were having a boy. I TOTALLY thought God would give you a little girl because, well, you said it, you're so girly-girl! :) However God's plans aren't our plans and Oliver is such, SUCH a blessing! I hope and pray for a little girl when I have a child, but, as you have shown, it is SO possible to love whatever gender God gives us, for it is all in His plan! xoxo Megs

  4. You are so right Meggie! :) So right indeed. I'm actually glad I don't have a girl now. Altho, when I see how cute other little girls are... well, I just wish I could have one or two more kids! :)

    Children are really cool. For sure. :)


  5. I felt the same way when I found out I was having a boy. I'm the youngest of four girls and had no clue what I'd do with a boy. But Henry (almost six) is SUCH a mama's boy...just a sweetheart and my little buddy since the day he was born. When I got pregnant the second time I honestly didn't care if the baby was a boy or a girl, and I adore my little Silas (now eight months) just as much as I do Henry.


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