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It's true. This year I've spent a little time outdoors. I try to tend to my garden on the weekends and every morning. I very much enjoy it. My fleurs and plants are my little children that I nurture (and neglect), care for and dutifully report to as often as I can. I'm also sharing this experience with my son who seems to fully accept his chores gladly. I don't even have to bribe him with gummy bunnies.


This is a real photo from my garden. Isn't this daisy beautiful?

daisy-pink2 copy

Unfortunately, I have not had the best record with perennials. At times I can get them to burst back to life the next season. I rejoice as I see the dried stems perk back up as the spring sun warms the ground and the nutrients stored in the root system from last summer energize the plant. The best run I have had were with my lavender plants. They lasted a whole three summers only to fall prey to a harsh winter two winters back. I have roses too. At one point I had 11 rose bushes in my yard. I am now down to three. One seems to have migrated and developed into a sort of hybrid rose. I have two pink rose shrubs. Next to it was a John F. Kennedy rose bush, but that one (those) lasted only one or two seasons. In it's place is a carbon copy of my pink rose shrub, only this one is red. I know it is a freak of nature because I have a big aversion to red and refuse to plant anything red in my garden.

For instance, this may appear red but truly it is not. It's a deep deep magenta.


OK, maybe it is red. (OK I went outside and checked. It is NOT red, but it surely photographed like it was red!) But the caveat here is that I did not buy it. (remember I talked about the crazy ax murderer felony gardener I hired from Craigs List?) Or maybe I did. I don't know. All I can say is that I do not normally plant red roses. I pretty much despise red roses unless they came from my husband. He certainly knew that and often sent me pink or even white. One year I got 9 dozen roses for our 9-year wedding anniversary. (See why it was hard to let go of him?) :)


But my garden is "fleurishing." :)

fleurs_1 copy

My beautiful bird bath which the birds seem to never use.


New this year. A perennial. Beautiful leaves. Gorgeous blossom. I have it in a few places in the yard. I'm hoping these will come back.


Million Bells. I love these. As they grow throughout the summer, they will drape over the pot, gently reaching for the ground.


My lilacs are thriving. I have a small tree in the front of our home.


It's a gloriously fragrant two weeks in our yard as they bloom.

lilacs copy

The scent fills our home too. It's one of the best ways to signal the soon arrival of summer.

This is a new plant this year.

n-1 copy

Aren't the leaves incredible? It's nasturtium, literally nose-twist, which is so named because the odor is supposed to cause one to wrinkle her nose. Cute. I planted it because I adored the leaves and the beautiful vibrant orange, reddish-orange and yellow flowers it births.

nasturtium copy


The roses are about to burst!


Creeping Buttercup. This was given to me from a friend's farmhouse. And it's the gift that keeps on giving. This stuff is impossible to kill and spreads like wild fire. It's actually considered by some to be a weed! In fact, it has invaded my lawn! But I don't care. It's still so beautiful. I wish it would bloom all summer.

I even sowed seeds this year. I did not have the patience nor the room to plant in rows. This is red mustard leaf. (for my green smoothies!) I just tossed a few seeds down and here's the result in a few days time:


Tomatoes are starting to sprout. I have blight on some of my organic plants. I know it's harder to control in organic gardens than it is in standard gardens. Still, this guy seems quite happy. At some point I will show you all the varietals I planted. I can't wait for the fruits of my labor!


As you've seen earlier, we've had plenty of chances to dine outdoors.

oliver pizza

oz pizza

And get a little goofy hiding from something. I can't remember what we were hiding from that evening.

oliver hiding

oz playing

So let me back up a bit and show you a bit more perspective. As you can see, the garden is much more beautiful close up. But eventually the back yard will blossom. I haven't even shown you all of what I've planted this summer! (ie. more to come!)


So that's about all for tonight folks. I have pix of Father's Day for you. But that will have to be for tomorrow!


  1. I love those cute lilacs. I want one of that on my garden. By the way your garden looks perfect.

  2. You have an amazing collection of daisies! I plan to seed some next spring too...this year i focused upon the roses area!

  3. What a beautiful flowers you have! And your pictures are also amazing. It looks like they were taken by a professional photographer. I only see such kind of quality pictures in magazines. Keep it up!


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