Come for the Food, Stay for the Story

Or.... Come for the story, stay for the food.

I just want you all to know I am feeling much better and back in the swing of things. I'm out of my funk, thank God. Thanks for all the kind, loving comments, all the support, and all the prayers.


While I was hurting last week, I still had to go on with life. Isn't that how it is? Lest you think I had locked myself up in my bedroom to cry (and while I did manage to cry for 48 hours straight — that is no lie), I actually had kept myself quite busy. Monday night I made tuna and hit up a support group meeting. Tuesday night I made pizza, and went to my church to see a film with a friend. Wednesday night I fired up organic steak on the grill along with french fries in the oven (bad choice) in an 85 degree home (because of course the AC stopped working on the third day of 97 degree temps here in the Midwest). I lugged a window unit up from the basement and got that going. After which I met my girlfriends for drinks and a show. Thursday my DC group  met in my home. Friday — a pot luck at a friend's home. I mean really, you'd think I'd have no time to cry. And if you happened to see me that week, you might not ever know of the secret pain I hid inside.

Like a mail delivery person mailman, neither tears nor grief will stop me from delivering the mail photographs.

What I like about my life is that I normally manage to have a supply of healthy ingredients in the house so that at whim I can whip up a pretty cool dinner. So on Monday, that is what I did. I found tuna at the local coop and here's the result. Stay tuned for the recipe in the next post.


I guess the point of this post is to say that originally this blog was to be about the joys of motherhood and all the sassy things I wanted to say about that. Then I began to cook and realized (much too late) what an art that is. I love photography, and some time during the journey of writing this blog, Matt gave me a digital SLR camera. My world opened up. I found new lenses to add to my collection. I am skilled in photoshop (thanks to my job) and so my photos can be enhanced at times or cropped exactly how I'd like them to be. I realized too late what a big challenge I undertook as I made all of Oliver's baby food from day one. Not once did he eat jarred baby food! Not once! It was amazing. Easy. And fun! My only regret is that I never documented it. I have cooked so many amazing things. I love to spend time in the kitchen. I love to cook a bounty of food, portion it out and freeze it. I  think we all have it pretty good here. For years, this is how it's been. My husband is a retired chef and I am a food connoisseur snob. Together we created quite a team in the kitchen. I can proudly say my son eats arugula salad with balsamic vinegar and just the other night sauteed scallops with fresh tomatoes, basil, spinach and garlic in a olive chicken broth sauce. YUM! (I will post photos!)

I used to smile, back before all this, on my ride home from work thinking how lucky I was, how sweet my life was. Never did I take all that for granted (too much). I wrote gratitude lists daily, sometimes weekly, but nonetheless, I was always grateful.

When the bomb dropped, it all became too raw. I tried, but I couldn't hide my emotions from you or from my friends. Eventually I felt comfortable enough to share what was really going on with me here.

And that's when the blog turned.

So, what is it folks? Do you come for the food and stay for the drama? Or .... come for the drama and stay for the food? Because, to be honest, I wont stop cooking or talking about my kid. I love that boy and even tho there are so many beautiful wonderful children in this world, I feel like I hit the jackpot with him. He's a hoot, and from the emails and comments I get, you guys tend to think he's pretty cool too. :)

Anyway, in the next post, you will see how super duper easy it is to have a decent tuna dinner. :)

So thanks again, and please stay tuned for the tuna! ;)


  1. Good food and genuine conversation sound great. Being real is not drama, it's life. I can not wait for the tuna dish and shots of the other food. I too love to cook and try to keep the right things on hand. I think you have a lot to teach us re: heart, soulfulness and honesty. Oh, and PS) I live in the Midwest too. We went from 97 to 47. Bleh. And PSS) I would love to learn to photoshop. See? You are wealth of info. Thank you for your heartfelt posts.

  2. Awe, thank you. You just put a BIG smile on my face this morning. BTW, what are you doing up at 3:54 am?! Have a great day,


  3. Andrea, I love coming to your blog for all of those things! I come by to pray for you when you're having a bad day, to rejoice with you when it's a good day, and to see pictures of your sweet boy. And the yummy food is a wonderful bonus! Blog about whatever is on your mind on any given day... that's why we come here.

  4. Andrea, I just stumbled across your blog today after googling "Milwaukee mommy bloggers." I'm in Whitefish Bay and while my blog has been mostly neglected lately (I had my second son last November) I wanted to see if there were other moms blogging near me. I spent most of my baby's naptime reading your blog, and I wanted to tell you I'm thinking of you even though we've never met. Oliver is gorgeous and you seem beautiful, too, inside and out.


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