Today I’m Grateful

  1. for feelings of joy today
  2. for wonderful coffee today
  3. for heat, lots of it, in my home this morning
  4. and sunlight too
  5. for finding organic taco shells last night — needed those for my son's daycare
  6. for getting to church last night and learning all good information about the new building / church they are opening; so glad i went!
  7. yet knowing i had to take care of me and leave to eat dinner
  8. for a fully stocked fridge (for the time and the money to do that)
  9. that i get to see my darling son tonight... looking forward to that
  10. for my friendships.... they are immeasurable gifts to me; they sustain me and lift me up ... thank you friends ...
  11. for email, text, mobile technology and the Internet.... easy peasy ways to keep in touch with those around me, getting the word out, asking for support...all at the tip of my fingers... i love the age we are in right now
  12. that my hair looks great; for the funds to do that monthly
  13. that i have an income
  14. for my daily readers... that some of them are on my iPad now and I can take them with me where ever I go...
  15. for the book study this Friday...
  16. for prayers for others; the gift of others asking and needing prayers
  17. for Dogs, Cats, and all the little ones in our lives that teach us about unconditional love (ok, cats not-so-much)
  18. for seeing all the growth in me this past year
  19. for finding the good in this past year; not feeling sorry for myself AT ALL
  20. for the ability to eat healthier foods, make healthier choices
  21. that i am no longer a slave to those egg shells, just for today
  22. that i am no longer a slave to butterflies in my stomach either, just for today
  23. that i am going to see Mercy Me, thanks Maggie.... good plans for Mother's Day for me.....
  24. that God ministers to me thru music; that's one big area where I hear His comfort and message to me

Have a joyful, blessed day my friends! Know that no matter what, you are loved by many, cared for by those who really really know you........