One Year Ago Today

Oliver on a hike

I have a real hard time looking at these photos.


This was the second hike we went on that day. Our first was to a bog in a remote area just outside of town. It was a little spooky for this city gal. The second was in a more popular park. Alone with my son, sometimes that is more my style.

2 years old

I see these pix and can hardly bear to look at them.


For I know the fate that awaits me only hours after.


But one sweet spot, one moment that I shall n'er forget. The moment that my (then) 2 -yr old Oliver picked his first, very first, bouquet of fleurs for his momma.

flowers for momma

As always, the night pushes up the day.


And when I see my darkest moments, I know that I am loved, so very loved. Blessed. So very very blessed.


The day after these photos were taken....


One year ago today....

big stick

My husband told me our marriage was over.


  1. Oh Andrea -
    How strong you are to reflect on the LOVE in your life, in addition to the pain and sadness. You truly are strong woman - you're in my thoughts especially today. - L

  2. You are in my thoughts today, Andrea.

    I hope you'll allow yourself to grieve today. And then tomorrow... I hope you'll look back on this last year and see what you have done. How you have survived what you probably never thought you could. How you have bettered yourself and loved your son fiercely. You are beautiful in every way.

  3. Thank you friends. I am having a good good day. Today is my father's 83'rd birthday! I'm surprised at how strong I am. It's been a good year for me. I'm doing OK.


  4. Andrea
    I understand. I am experiencing the very same process as yourself, on the same time line, and from a man too who kept his feelings buried deep within. Please know that I read your blog regularly using it as a guide to understand the emotions and feelings that surface.
    You are an incredible person - truly an inspiration. You can do it I know you can.

  5. Another milestone passed! One step at a time,each day as it comes. Life has a funny way of marching on, with or without us. Keep on trucking my friend. The journey is yours for the taking. Embrace it. Let it take you where it wants to go. Keep +, help others and it comes back to you. I promise......


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