Hello Friends, It’s Been A While....

airport 3

I only have a few moments to chat while my son sleeps. My kitchen awaits my presence, as I step over suitcases, garbage, recyclables and groceries. My living room has sprung two new pieces of furniture along with the scraps that bore them, and there are remnants of a headless mouse in parts of my home. (I have a love/hate relationship with our cats.)

We’ve been away for more than 9 days. It included a trip to St. Louis to visit my brother and his family. (Which did involve a twister, but I need not tell you of our distress when hundreds of thousands of people in the South are homeless, fatherless, motherless or childless. My prayers are with them.) Once back home from our wonderful Easter visit, we stayed with a friend while our home was in need of maintenance. I cannot discuss the exact nature of the work needed in our home here on RP, but suffice to say I’m relieved that it is complete and that we are now able to sleep, once again, in our own beds. {Altho I do miss the morning coffee that awaited me each morning the past 9 days and the fellowship along with it!} {Oh, and all 9 days included furry friends of the tongue-licking, wet-nosed, slobbery-kissing variety.}

Deep breath. Exhale slowly. Ah...... it’s good to be home. The sun is out, and I think we are finally experiencing the beginnings of Spring. Might I even tackle the gardens and yard this summer? We’ll see about that. I’m sure there are more beheaded rodents to be found amidst the roses and the lavender.

I do have spring fever tho. I cannot WAIT to get started on the basement and all the other areas of this house. Good Will never had it so good. I am not even going to bother with a tag sale or Craig’s list. {Altho it is tempting to sell that $150 Isabella Oliver maternity swear on eBay.....}

I have so much to say, so much catching up to do with you all. In a nutshell:
  1. I’m so much stronger than I was just two weeks ago
  2. Oliver is so much more challenging too! ;) 
  3. My camera died...... omg...... that had got to be the most disheartening hurdle yet ;)
  4. We went to the City Museum in St. Louis and I had no choice to but face my fear of heights while I clung to Oliver on re-bars 10 stories high (never again)
  5. Kelly Fisher photography
  6. Oliver had his first airplane flight
  7. And he was such a little man carrying his puppy backpack and Lightening McQueen suitcase (and his sippy cup) all throughout the airport...
  8. We missed a twister by 5 miles
  9. I gained 10 lbs and am now over my goal weight in WW (sadness)
  10. My camera is working again --- a miracle
  11. Work is crazy
  12. Life is crazy
  13. Life is good
  14. God is Good
I promise I will write more soon. I know I owe you pix of Oliver’s birthday, our trip to St. Louis, and an update on how really well I’m doing. Really really.


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