Today I’m Grateful

  1. to have a job to go to today that I enjoy
  2. that someone brought me a cup of coffee this morning while I was still in bed. It's been a year since that has happened.... (I have my son "in-training" but he's not quite ready yet)
  3. for having a wonderful 5 days away from home with my beautiful son
  4. and experiencing moments that I hope I will never forget
  5. for the generosity of a friend this week
  6. for the people God places in my life that lift me up, teach me, carry me, support me, love me despite my many flaws
  7. for those little glimpses of "it's not about me"
  8. for spiritual tools and gifts that help me digest those nightly bad dreams I've been having lately
  9. for a wonderful meal with friends last night ... seeing many people who I have great relationships with; ....God has put hundreds of people in my life that smile at me when I greet them!
  10. for safe travels; easy travels
  11. that this past year I have not lived in anger; that I have not acted out in anger a lot; that some things do not bother me as much as they used to
  12. the garden path stones that are being laid before me



  1. aw you went somewhere on an airplane? I had no idea you were THAT much 'out of town' lol... where'd you go? and how'd Oliver like his 1st (right?) plane ride?? :) *Megs*

  2. Hi Megs! We were in St. Louis for the weekend. It was great! Thanks for taking care of my cats while we were gone! I hope they weren't too much work! Everything looked fine when we got back! Love ya!


  3. aw how fun!!! was this his 1st plane ride? and how'd he do? We are taking the girls on their 1st plane ride in october and I'm soooo excited :D No prob for taking care of the cats- I'm glad the area was halfway decent when you got home lol I tried to have it spic and span but wasn't so sure it would be that way when you arrived home haha :) xo *Megs*

  4. oh! arg, you always remind me about gratitude, you have a wonderful heart andrea, i love reading posts like this. cheers me up right away and reminds me that there are so many beautiful things in life that are just waiting to be seen.


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