March Goals

Hi y’all. I decided I’d post my goals this month. I got the idea from here {thanks Mrs Nix}, and I really liked it. So here goes:
  • read one fiction book
  • finish wally lamb's book
  • write in my D Care workbook
  • wake up earlier than I have been
  • retuns a few items to the stores
  • put stickers on my plates {i’ve had them since december!}
  • drink as many green smoothies as I can {daily or so}
  • keep track of WW points daily
  • get better at ending my day, beginning my day
  • throw a party for Oliver
I think that's all for now. I s’pose it could get longer, but I’d  better cut myself a little slack.


  1. What kind of blender do you have? Looks like it it pretty powerful and you load it up with a lot of stuff. Mine is really wimpy and old and I want to replace it ... looking for suggestions!

  2. I think I paid only $50 or less for it, from Kohls perhaps. Or Boston Store. It's glass and that was important for me since I worry about BPA, and I use the blender to make hot soups.

    My smoothies are still a little bit chunky (as are my soups) so I guess if I had an extra $400 to spend, I'd get a Vitamix. Otherwise, this blender will have to do for now!

    I think it's a Cuisinart?

  3. I added your blog to my reader without the "g." I am so glad I checked back to the actual website and found it. Thanks for the shout-out!


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