Hello! Can you hear me now?

I can use my phone again!

repaired iPhone-2


broken iPhone screen

I discovered that the digitizer (the screen) can be replaced. Apple charges a LOT for it. Amazon sells the screen repair kit for under $10, but the reviews say that it's easy to break the LCD panel and that repair took many folks up to 3 hours to complete.

Since I didn't have an extra 3 hours to spare, I found this young guy on Craigslist and we met up at Starbucks last night. Thirty minutes, $50 and 3 new books for Oliver later, I was up and running. It was awesome.



removed screen, cleaning frame

It's a miracle that my phone did not receive any water damage. It fell onto the street on a wet, snowy evening. It sat out there for about 2 hours, vulnerable to the conditions and traffic. It was the innocent victim of a hit and run. :) While the phone was severely damaged (I received several glass shards on my finger) it did not sustain any water damage. This is amazing considering my phone was quite wet when I found it.

The kid who fixed it showed me the exact 4 dots inside the phone that turn red once the phone has been water damaged. You can see one of the dots in the photo below. It's still white. My phone showed no signs of water damage and works great! YAY! I guess that's a tribute to Apple.

bare phone

attaching glass to frame


attaching screen to frame

attaching frame

repaired phone

Did you know that iPhones sort of go up in value? I tried to purchase a used 3Gs phone on ebay and craigslist and I could not find anything under $250. I only paid $200 for mine!

Ok, keep in touch. More postings coming soon!!