We’re Covered in Snow

Snow, snow and more snow.

front sidewalk

front sidewalk

This was the scene from our front door on Sunday.

And we had a lot of digging out to do....

buried in the snow

It really came down....


But Oliver was a big big help because he ate a lot of it. Less snow for me to shovel.


And loved catching snowflakes on his tongue....


And while I worked very hard to shovel us out,


my niece Emalee worked hard at cleaning out my car....



Which I'm embarrassed to show you.

So I wont.

Instead, I'll show you my out-of-control freezer:

messy freezer

And how I organized it, even tho it doesn't look like I did....

organized freezer

Take note. I have a well-organized, well-stocked freezer. Yes, everything in there is organic! And I never ever have to worry about dinner for Oliver. (Now, me? I'm another story.... as I am gaining weight lately, again.... grrrrrr.... I was at 115. I'm back up to 122. Yikes!) Allow me to diagram the contents:

freezer - organized

Note: there IS ice cream in the freezer. However, I hid it way in the back. This is because Oliver is now old enough to determine what ice cream is, and it's approximate location.

Oh, and you'll never believe this (yes you will), but I have a chest freezer in the basement, also stocked full to the brim! What's in it? Pastas, ground beef, steaks, chicken breasts. Other than that, I'm not exactly certain. I think that's a project for another weekend.

Well... now you can see how I never had to cook a meal for months after Matt left. My freezer is always stocked. We are never w/o options. It's pretty cool. I guess you could call it a hobby. I love cooking and organizing. And messing it all up. And organizing it all over again. That's just life.

OK, back to me the snow.

I shoveled so much on Sunday that I even had a wardrobe change! (Note: that is not a booger in my nose!)


And Oliver loved the clean car.... an empty palette for him to destroy again as he sees fit.


(Yes, those are plastic bags wrapped around his feet. An old trick I learned from way back when. We left his boots at daycare.)

We ended our outdoor escapade appropriately with a snow ball fight. (No photos here. The camera was safely hidden!) The wet snow packed a mean punch! Emalee has a great arm and a knack for ducking at just the right time. Me on the other hand? Well.... lets just say I was always last picked for teams when I played soft ball as a young girl. Oh well. Who cares right? The point is to have fun! And we did! So I got a little wet..... ;) and a few bruises........

Today, Tuesday morning, was no exception. I came home last night to more snow. I shoveled it all away. This morning it was replaced with more. As I was at it again, I noticed how beautifully quiet and serene it was. No one was out. It was better than my childless morning in bed, reading my daily readers. The bird was singing (just one)... and it was unbelievably still except for the one tweeting canary. So beautiful.

Welcome to my world.


  1. Love the pictures of the snow…

    If you are feeling half as full of life and centered as your posts reflect… you are in a good place!

    I am happy for that!

    It’s nice to see and read about snow when its 75 degrees and windows and doors are wide open.

    Time in SC has been good… still not sure when I’ll come home…

    I am so happy for you and “where you are today.”

    Love you,



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