To Do List

OK guys. I'm sharing this with you so that you can hold me to it. OK? Here's what I'm hoping to accomplish this weekend: (in no particular order)
  1. organize the linen closet
  2. read 250 pages of my book
  3. make burgers, freeze
  4. do something with the filo dough I bought
  5. throw clothes into dryer  Sat 9 am
  6. do another load of wash or two Sat 2 pm
  7. buy a new pair of jeans for Oliver at Old Navy
  8. print the coupon from Old Navy or send to my phone
  9. pack up the Radko's
  10. go to church
  11. put pile of clothes away in my room Sat 3 pm
  12. vacuum  Sat 10 am
  13. break down boxes for recycling
  14. change burned out halogen under cabinet light (a first for me) Sat 9 am
  15. return a couple calls
  16. pay my Vicky Secret bill
  17. clean litter boxes and .... Sat 230 pm
  18. clean the pantry floor
  19. salt outside Sat 12:30 pm
  20. dishwasher - empty  Sat 9 am
  21. change my bedsheets  Sat 2 pm
  22. find wallet, last seen February 8th or 9th (yikes!) Update: bed cleaned and cleared under and above... laundry pile disassembled, car completely turned inside out, last seen at the grocery store or the dentist, i think.... SCORE! Grocery store had it! YES!
  23. find camera, last seen February 2nd (double yikes!) SCORE!!!! Suspect apprehended at 3:33 pm in disorganized linen closet. 
  24. Take care of ME!
I think I'll stop there. Not sure when I'll find the time to do all this. It's already Friday night and I’m ready for bed at 10:30 pm. I'll try to get thru 30 pages tonight. Tomorrow I have dinner plans — a fundraiser for an organization I belong to. So I will be leaving home at about 4pm... and I wont be back until after 10. So I’m looking at a hard-working Sunday here.

OK, as you can see I have nothing very exciting to blog about therefor I’ll stop now before I lose my readership and my 3 followers. ;)

Actually, I will post back with the red pepper soup recipe I made during the 2011 Blizzard and an update as to how I’m doing, which by the way, is good. Really good. 

Super actually.

As long as nothing changes, I can go on like this for a while. 

See you soon....


  1. When your post is about a normal weekend, I'd say that is a good place to be in!!

    Your list is super long though .... give yourself a break already!!

    love you.

  2. Pamela, you're right. Nothing exciting. No major developments. I’d say this is a good place. :)


  3. what book are you reading hon?

  4. Actually anyplace we are in, is a good place. We are the ones that chose it to be a place that either nourishes us or tears us down. Be the change. And 23 things is quite a list, glad that you added things that Andrea gets to do, besides the house choosing what needs to be done!


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