Time to Myself

Hello friends. I’ve been quite busy and am now looking forward to a night alone. Matt and I have switched up Oliver’s schedule a little bit. He’s now spending a full day and night with his daddy, which means that on Tuesday’s I will not see Oliver at all. At all.
At all.

This is a first for me.

Another first is that tonight I will be home — alone. Each and every night that Oliver spends with his father I have always had plans. So tonight will be the first time I am actually home, without plans and without Oliver. Yikes.

The last few weeks have been a whirl wind of activities and that means the last thing on my plate to take care of is me and our home. Therefor, this evening I am looking forward to emptying out the dishwasher, changing my bedsheets (someone get me a smaller bed, pleeeease!) and picking up the 200 Matchbox cars spattered around the living room floor. Why just Sunday morning my home was in perfect order. I couldn't have enjoyed a more beautiful home that day. Every room was tended too. Ok, there is still a menagerie of Radko Christmas ornaments laying around on my dining room built in that need to be carefully wrapped and stored away till next year and a pile of clothes in my bedroom that need to be hung. Aside from that, the living areas of my home, and even some of the hidden storage areas, are in working visual order. I love it. Little by little, my plate has gotten bigger, and I’ve been able to do more.

Now mind you, I would have those ornaments put away and the pile of clothes neatly stored had I not been chasing the green fairy this weekend. Oh but I exaggerate. I indulged in a little fun this weekend at our company holiday party, but my body is not what it used to be and three glasses of wine and one swig of something toxic later, I found myself on the couch all day Sunday. Try nursing yourself back to health with an almost 3-yr old bearing performance characteristics of a stealth aircraft. It’s nearly impossible. He is able to fly around my home virtually undetected until I see the results of his missions, ie. cats with feminine products attached to their ears or chocolate smatterings on my jet pilot’s face. And each time I tried to combat him with my 5'4" presence, my stomach started having volcanic eruptions, lest I stay horizontal most of the day, which, let me tell you, I did... much to the amusement of Oliver's father who mocked my pain at the time of drop off. :) Well, at least I had the good sense not to drive home that evening even tho I felt fully capable.

Tonight will prove interesting. Since I have a book club that I am hosting in just 11 days, I have a mere 10 to cover 700 pages. That’s 70 pages a day. I’m hoping tonight will give me a good head start on my very own stealth mission.

Oh and the book we’re reading? It’s by Wally Lamb, The Hour I First Believed. And so far, it’s been very good. I’ve read his other books which I highly recommend if you haven’t read them. I Know This Much is True (his second novel) and She’s Come Undone (his first). He’s an excellent writer. Wish me luck!


  1. Andrea - This made me think of you with your toy car cleanup - kind of a fun idea!


  2. OMG Lisa, I love it! And naughty you for not ever sharing your ultra-cool blogs with me! Yay! I have two new places to visit. :)

    Thanks girl... Now I just have to find wall space for those magnetic strips... hmmmm, I'm thinking.... stay tuned!

  3. I'm starting a book club next week as well. I am thrilled that I've already finished the book! I will have to check out your recommendations.


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