Save $ on Organics Today Only!

HI! So, are you interested in ordering from Nature’s Prime? There happens to be a Groupon that is featuring their company today. Click here if you are interested. You can order $75 worth of organic meats for $35. Pump your bill up to $100 (before discount!) and you’ll receive free shipping.

If you order via the link I just provided, I will receive $10 credit. So, you'll be helping me out too.

Anyway, just thought I’d share. Even if I don’t get the credit, please order from this company! They are awesome!

And by the way, if you order the Groupon today, you don’t have to use it today. You have 1 year from the date of purchase to use it.

Again, here's the link:

Here's a product they carry that is superb: Otter Creek Seasonal Cheeses.


The seasons influence the taste of the cheese. When the cows graze and what they graze upon determines cheese’s flavor. I ordered a few different types of cheese and fancied them side by side. It's amazing that the same cows can produce such differently tasting delights just by a change of seasons! From the Otter Creek Farm site:

Each season’s cheddar has a unique flavor and fat content—they are all very different.
In the spring, the herd is grazed on pastures of clover, rye and young grasses; in Summer, the pasture is full of orchard grass, young corn, and sorghum. Fall brings mature rye, alfalfa, and clover. In Winter, the pasture is full of snow, so the herd eats sileage and bailage, made of fermented alfalfa and grasses cut from the farm’s pastures.
It’s not just the feed—the milk changes in fat content and hormones based on the season: lower fat in the warmer months, and higher fat in colder months.

Seriously, if you want to try some healthy eats and help the environment, take advantage of this great deal!

Oh, and the farm where this cheese is made is located in WI! (Where I live!)