Today I’m Grateful

  1. for an awesome weekend away with the gals
  2. for a good week; freedom from want; freedom from self
  3. for an evening with my son tonight.... I missed him
  4. for this blog
  5. for an inspirational speaker I heard today
  6. for a woman named Sharon from southern California who I had the privilege to spend a few moments with this morning
  7. and those few moments were hope-filled and transforming 
  8. for hope: for myself and for Oliver
  9. for Dignity and Grace.... the two words I will take away with me from this past weekend
  10. for my wonderful girlfriends with whom I can be myself around
  11. for the promise that someday there will be someone who will love up on me, completely
  12. for God and all the beautiful scripture passages I’ve been hearing lately and all the beautiful spiritual messages I’m getting
  13. for my son’s little pipsqueak of a voice
  14. for being able to take the next two days off work to spend time with my son
  15. for my husband being very flexible with the schedule
  16. for heat in our home, food in our bellies and gas in my car
  17. for my dad and his health
  18. that I got to watch my Pops read a story to Oliver tonight

I’ll be writing more soon....


  1. who did you go hear speak andrea?

  2. Hi Gina,

    It was a woman named Sharon from southern California... no one famous. Just someone very spiritual. :)

    I'll write more about what she shared later this week.

    x o, andrea


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