World Spins Madly On

A coworker sent this out today, and I thought it was beautiful. I am familiar with the emotions expressed in the animation, yet for now I am not longing for what I cannot have. I'm trying to face forward with confident anticipation, although to be honest, it takes a lot of mental and spiritual work to persist.

In other words, I'm doing OK today in case you are wondering. Yesterday I felt empowered to bring on a shift in my attitude, so I did. I had a lovely time with my son last night. It was sweet. I have no uncertainty about my abilities to be a loving and good mother to my son. As well, I cherish my time with him. He will be with his dad tonight, and that is difficult. Difficult to come home to, difficult to wake up without. I have a work commitment to keep me busy this evening, and the Geek Squad is coming over in the morning to add some yellow back into our television. It's no fun watching the Packers in pink and green.

As luck would have it this morning, we had a flat tire on the way to daycare. Matt was out of town and would not be able to help, but God (who knew) had His hand in the matter as my tire went out about 1 block away from Oliver's baby sitter's home. We have become somewhat close with that family; I called, and we drove into their driveway. Soon the tow truck came and the tire was changed, and we were on our way after a really lovely visit. I felt uplifted and ready for the rest of the day.

There's a lot of snow on the ground here, and I'm hoping for the temperatures to be tolerable so that we can build Frosty on our front lawn this weekend. I'll try to take some photos.

I'm at a turning point right now therefor if you could keep me in your prayers so that I can become empowered to live life fully and with faith that everything will be OK in the end, that would be wonderful. See you soon...

God always gives you what you need when you need it. Thanks Rega for that. :)


  1. So happy to hear your spirits are lifted a bit : ) I will be watching for the snowman photos... and tree : ) My first Christmas as a single mom... we made our own ornaments (along with a bunch of newly purchased ones).. and hung them together.. it was so much fun... I had to work hard at making what felt like a lonely broken Christmas a happy one.... and it really helped to re create some magic : ) Hugs to you : )

  2. Praying for you often.

  3. Thank you Moo's Mamma and to you my dear reader who is praying for me often. I thank all of you... I want to cry but today I'll hold my head up high and focus on what's in front of me instead.

  4. hey hon, i hope you guys are inside and toasty, its pretty cold here. happy holidays, hang in there. i know its tough.

  5. I think the Packers would look just fine in pink truthfully! Haha coming from this New Yawker!

    Just remember to keep moving forward and know that there are so many people that are keeping you in their thoughts and prayers.

    You will be just fine, promise!


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