A Prayer for Today

Dear God,

Please help me find comfort and peace today. Keep me from going down that dark tunnel. Help me to have strength and courage to face my life, to let go of the pain, to let go of my obsessive thinking, to focus on my son, my job and whatever else is in front of me.

Help me to let go of my problems today. I don't know how to give them to you, but I know that this load is too much for me to bear with my own strength.

Help me to have faith in You when there is none, help me to have hope, not just for my marriage but for myself, that I will be OK, that I will survive, that my life will be good again, pain-free again, joyful again... that losing my marriage will not always be all-consuming and painful, that instead I will be able to breathe and live again, fully in Your Light, in your beautiful world that You have created.

Help me to love myself even if my husband
, the man I love so much right now, is not in love with me.

I pray that you give my husband all he needs in life. I pray that you give my son all the love and comfort he deserves and needs. And I pray that you take care of me so that in the least, I can be a good mother to Oliver, for I know he needs me more now than ever, as he will always need me to love him and guide him and to be there for him, unconditionally.

I ask you for the strength to carry on, to hold my head up high, to guide me and provide for me all that I need so that I can do Your work.