Today I'm Grateful

  1. for my friends and their willingness to listen
  2. for my wonderful, beautiful son
  3. for my warm, cozy home
  4. for an opportunity to teach Oliver to make home made pizza tonight
  5. for the realization: here we go again; I know how to do this one
  6. for my boss and his thoughtfulness
  7. for the packages that arrived at my doorstep today
  8. that I feel good (physically) in my own skin today
  9. for the opportunity to watch my son kiss the cats and tell them he loves them
  10. for the courage to throw some things in the trash today, permanently (on my computer)
  11. for the realization of what really taking care of myself means
  12. for God in my life
  13. for some hope
  14. for a call from my dad tonight

I wanted to share this excerpt from One Good Thing, an amazingly heartfelt blog about a little girl named Hudson. I feel it expresses my gratitude exactly.

I am grateful for this blog. I am grateful to have a place to write all of this down and try to make some kind of sense of what is still so incredibly senseless. I am grateful to have a place that lets me be, for the most part, myself, without expectations or self-reproach. I am grateful to have a place where people who know me can come and see how I am doing, so they can understand that no matter how much time has gone by, no matter how “okay” I seem on the surface, no matter how many steps forward I have made, I am still grieving. Deeply. Acutely. Painfully. It is important for them to know that. 

Mandy Hitchcock