Today I'm Grateful

  1. for a clean and beautiful home
  2. friends coming over this weekend to help out
  3. plans for Saturday night
  4. feeling clearer on what I want and need in my life
  5. trusting God
  6. my daily readers, astounding how particular they are to my life and daily events
  7. deciding to act better, feel better, let go and seek to forgive — for me and no one else
  8. my job: I'm employed, I have good relationships with the folks I work with, I have fun at work, I have a fun project to work on and I feel confident I can accomplish it
  9. letting go of the need to ask, figure out, control and worry
  10. feeling confident
  11. my adorable son
  12. knowing God will give me all I need and many of my wants

What are you grateful for today?