Hoopin' It Up

I have the coolest friends. You may remember Jackie from this post (or this one or this one). I work with her. She has since taken up hooping, an active, very cool sport.

hoop 4

She just bought a new hoop and wanted to see some "trails" .... We went into our photo studio at work (yes, those are Harley's in the background) and I snapped a few pix with her iPhone.

hoop 1

hoop 6

hoop 10

So yes, I have the coolest friends. :) When Matt left, Jackie was one of the first people I let know. She has sat with me countless times while I cried at my desk. (Day after day, mind you.) She's helped me get thru my days when I had to put on my game face; it helped that someone I worked with knew how I was really feeling under my work mask. Life was not easy for so long. But I'm blessed to have such great people in my life! She has shared my joys, my pain, and gave me her undivided attention when I blabbered on and on and on about how I felt. Thank goodness I had her! 

This photo is from a Pedi-Shower the gals I work with threw me when I was pregnant with Oliver.  


And look, isn't she just the coolest chick? She rides a Harley. She's tiny, feminine and super duper cool. (I think she'd like you to know that this is an older photo.)