Hair Cut

Because so many of you have been asking... he's a quick pic of me taken just a few moments ago with my iPhone of my new shorter hair style. I know, it doesn't look so short here, but trust me, it is!




I know, I know, I look better now than I did in the photo of me and my dad. That is why I needed a cut, badly! (And mind you, this snap was taken in the wee hours of the morning. I had to get up at 4 am that day, and I had no time to take a shower!) In any case, I was not prepared to go this short. The good thing is, hair grows!

And the sad thing is, I cannot find a more recent photo of me than the one taken at my dad's surgery on October 20th. In fact, there are hardly any photos of me period! I really have to start taking a few snaps of myself or at least of me and Oliver! Lordie help me!