Forgiveness is No Favor

Forgiveness is no favor. We do it for no one but ourselves. We simply pay too high a price when we refuse to forgive. Lingering resentments are like acid eating away at us. Rehearsing and re-rehearsing old injuries robs us of all that is precious. Shame never liberated a single spirit. And self-righteousness never softened a heart. Can we afford to perpetuate such self-destructiveness? Surely we can make better use of our time and energy. Although we may despise what others have done, if we keep in mind that everything we are now trying to do has the goal of healing us, we are bound to decide that the best thing we can do for ourselves is to forgive.


My boy. He is often my teacher, my inspiration, my motivation. I can work to completely forgive anything or anyone in my life, because I know that lack of anger and resentment will set me free. And if I am free of that kind of bondage of self, I can be a loving and great mother and mentor to my little Peanut.

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