All is Well

I mean that. All is well.

We had a sweet weekend so far. It's been so nice to connect with my Peanut and take a break from work to just play. We spent two nights in a row making pizza. It's not difficult, and I can make a healthy organic version for us both for pennies. Really. Friday night it was just the two of us. Saturday (today) was filled with lots of people all of whom were highlights of my day. I'd have to say tho, watching my only child interact and play with his two buddies this evening was just the best. Watching him mimic the older boys is a trip. Just a flippin' trip. I would have loved a big family. I'm glad I have my little guy, but having my home filled with the background of laughter all evening while actually maintaining an adult conversation in the kitchen with my girlfriend was really a cool experience.

I do want to also give you an update on my father. He is OK. He was released from the hospital tonight. They were not sure what exactly was wrong with him, but the best part is that all his insides are functioning well. No heart machine, no wires. They think it's the shoulder blades from opening up his chest. In any case, it's obvious he's not the confident, stable Grampa he was just 3 weeks ago, but he's still feisty and that means his spirit is strong. :)

Today at the hospital, the doctors surrounded my dad. When the "students" left, one lagged behind to have a little chat with us. He's going to graduate this May. All three adults in the room looked at Oliver suddenly.

Mom: Oliver, do you want to be a doctor?
Oliver: No.
Mom: Do you want to be a truck driver?
Oliver: No.
Mom: Do you want to be a fireman?
Oliver: No.
Mom: Do you want to be a race car driver?
Oliver: Yes.
Mom: Oh, you want to race cars?
Oliver: Yes.
Mom: OK, that's cool. You like going really fast and living on the edge then.
Oliver: Yes.
Mom: OK, cool.


Oliver: Momma, Can I race cars?
Mom: Yes, you can race cars.
Oliver: Momma, can we go race cars?
Mom: Today?
Oliver: Yes.
Mom: No Oliver, you can't race cars until you're 18.


Oliver: Momma?
Mom: Yes Oliver?
Oliver: Can I be 18?



  1. Precious. Glad you posted - was thinking about you today.

  2. glad your dad is doing okay andrea!! and is that honestly a verbatim conversation between you and oliver? I mean all of it? lol i just can't imagine that-- he's grown up soooooo much! MUST. SEE. HIM. SOON!!! :O) xoxo Megs


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