Wednesday Photos and Today's Update

Here's a few pix of Oliver on our way to the hospital on Wednesday, just before my dad's surgery at about 6 am. The sun was just about coming up by then.

oliver visiting grandpa 10-20



Hanging out in the prep area....

before surgery

A little "see ya later" kiss...

Dad and Andi

god speed kiss

And some putzing around until Dad leaves. That's my Aunt Margie.

aunt marge

My sister Teri with Dad...

teri and dad

Oliver being as entertaining as always...


In the private family waiting room, Oliver was treated like a king. He received a doctor's cap and a face mask. This is my friend Sue who works in the hospital, in the OR where my pops was. She was a big help to me and my family that day. Oz (Oliver) loves her as you can see.

sue and oz

Today's Update

Pops is progressing quite well. He's off all of the major heavy medications. He walked a bit last night with help, and today, he's walking all on his own. He's out of ICU now, and they said he's ahead of the game. All good news. We still have to watch him like a hawk. He's the kind to ignore all warnings and proceed straight ahead. All in all, he's doing well. We think he'll be in the hospital for about a week. My sister is flying out as I type this. My brother will be in tomorrow. More family adventures!

Oliver and I are off to a pumpkin carving party now.

Thank you so much for your kind emails, texts and calls. I especially thank you all for the prayers (and food! How did you know I didn't eat today? Someone just dropped off lunch for me!). Wednesday was an overwhelming day, and all of the thoughts and prayers were heard, I'm very sure of that.

I'll keep you posted as to how Pops is doing. I am feeling stronger than I have in months. It helps to put things into perspective. Right now, I'm focusing on being a great mom and helping my son to learn to love and respect those around him. I want to be sure he feels safe and loved!