The Roaring Spider

Hello friends. Well, what a fun week this has been so far. Between sending Oliver off to daycare in black and prepping him for Halloween (including agreeing to let him eat a spooky cupcake piled mile high with purple frosting), we are definitely in the middle of the fall season. The weather got cold and windy, just in time for the month's end.

First of all, I am sad to say I do not have a video (or photos) of what I witnessed this morning as I dropped Oliver off at school. Not the day to leave the iPhone in the car. Today was black-shirt and spider day at daycare. Oliver was more than happy to bring his life-sized real-looking spiders to school. Once there, the girls, per usual, surrounded him. Spider in hand, he began to pull it's legs. The girls were intrigued. Oliver, realizing that he now had an audience of adoring fans, decided to swiftly share the spider with his young female groupies by roaring as loudly as a spider can, holding the spider within inches of their faces. The girls screamed and backed away. Oliver took a step forward, and sensing the power he held in his hands, continued to torment the darkly clad little princesses around the room. The girls were delightfully vexed and pranced roundabout while ferocious Oliver pursued them with enjoyment. He seemed to gain a great degree of satisfaction in knowing he had the ability to instill fear not only in them but in all females around him, including myself and the teachers. On and on it went, Oliver roaring and the girls screeching with thrills. It was a game of course, all players willing. I took pleasure in watching them scurry about whilst the teacher tried to corral them into place. What a site.

He's definitely all boy. These are not characteristics I've instilled in him. I'm 100% certain it has to do with the testosterone in his little 30 lb body. He's not anything like me in his interests (altho I did have a big fascination with Matchbox cars when I was young, lining them up and driving them around the entire living room, much like Oliver does), so I know the boy stuff is just something that comes along with having to run in puddles, play in sand, throw balls, climb fences, jump in leaves, poke at bugs and leap over any thing in one's path.

I wish you could have seen what I saw today. Really. I must remember never to leave that phone in the car again.