The night before Oliver was born....

last prego picture

last photo of being prego

The room he was supposed to be born in. This is before my water broke, at about 9 pm or so. Oliver was born about 26 hours later.

andrea and matt waiting for oliver

And of course, my friend Leslie come bursting in at this point. But she is always welcome in my life, even if it's just before a baby is about to be born....

leslie came to visit

Hours old...

just after oliver was washed up

one day old! on my belly while still in the hospital....

one day old!


Oliver in our room....

Oliver and mommy :)

At home finally....

oliver and mommy

oliver few days old

oliver few days old



sunny day......

on the changing table

sleepin' like a baby

too cool

how many hands does it take to change a newborn's diaper?


after bath!

sweet dreams

oliver's newest sleeper

oliver all dressed up!


straight jacket


  1. omg those pictures are to die for! how quickly we forget how much children change over the years! he was and still is the cutesttttt! i miss him! xo "meggie"

  2. AND by the way, i can't believeeeeeeeee how big your belly was! I dont remember it being that big lol... my aunt had twins and I dont think she was that big! but you were ALL baby and didnt gain anywhere else so that was amazing how big your belly got with lil "ollo" lol aw such great memories with him! xo "Meggie"


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