Fall Door County Weekend

What a beautiful weekend. Oliver and I went up to Door County this past weekend and we had a really sweet time. Fall is the most precious time to head up there. The trees are vibrant and the weather is warm and crisp. The fall evenings cool down a bit and the mornings are misty, dewy and chilly. It's a perfect way to greet the day: on the porch with a hot cup of coffee and kiss on the cheek from Mother Nature, not to mention a few hugs and kisses from my son. I love it up there and can't imagine giving that place up.

My dad and his sweetheart, Dotti came up with us in their own car. Oliver was in heaven having Grampa and Dotti all to himself all weekend. My heart skipped a beat. No one loves your children as much as you do with the exception of grandparents. Now I really know the meaning of family. It's a beautiful experience.

We started out the weekend with a quick stop to Bay Beach Amusement park in Green Bay. The park was closed for the season, but the train was still in service!

Bay Beach

Dad and Dotti at Bay Beach


Here's a little snapshot of the rest of the weekend:

pick me up

pick me up

Playground time...

tough guy



dad and dotti

balance beam

Mostly we just hung around.... (sorry, couldn't resist)


Mommy and Oliver


trying to smile

dad and dotti

Oliver, Dotti and Grampa

And no weekend in Door County is complete without a trip to the Door County Ice Cream Shop....



Then some apple picking adventures. Fresh organic apples. Yum!

apple picking


apple picking

yummy apple

Oliver and Dotti

ellison bay

Ellison Bay, Door County

Apple Tree

Oliver liked to help out with the raking of the leaves....


But he found a better place to put them.



my car

And of course, there was lots of rock throwing too....

rock throwing

Grampa and Oliver

Sister Bay rock throwing

And the end of the road. Hwy 42, on the way to the car ferry.


There are much prettier photos of this famous road, but this is what it looked like on Monday, October 11th, 2010 when we left Door County for the final time this year. So sad. My heart broke.

I hope for a better summer in Door County in 2011. But despite what is going on between Oliver's daddy and me, we managed to have some really great times this year. One thing I found out this summer is that I can focus on my son and still have a great time. I can do this, without the help of Matt. I'd still love to have him back in our lives. But if this winter and next spring do not turn out the way I dream, I know life will go on. Door County holds lots of memories, some of them are of us as a family. Those memories will never go away, and I will always cherish them. I'm sorry Matt has a wing to mend right now. I hope that he'll wake up to us again. I hope he'll rejoin us in this adventure of life. But... and it's a big but... if he doesn't.... this summer proved that we'll survive; Oliver and I can create new memories together.

Oliver knows he's loved by both parents. Oliver will know Mommy tried her hardest to make things right between her and his daddy. Oliver will know that he and Mommy can still have loads of fun together, even if daddy is away.

Thanks for joining me in this journey. Thanks for your prayers. Thanks for your support and uplifting emails. I treasure them, and I pray that there are better and easier times ahead.


  1. Continuing to pray for you. I love seeing that glimmer of survival and hope in your writing. You are so much stronger than you know.


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