Vote for Me - A Year's Supply of Organic Valley Milk!

You know my story. Please vote for me. The win would mean so much to me, especially because financially, I really need it.

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Read my entry here.

And you're probably wondering where I've been. I'll tell you in the next post. Thanks for your loyalty. I know you guys have been stopping by. My emotional health took a dive. But I'm on my way up. See you soon....

And hee hee, if you don't know, my name is Andrea.... :) Thanks for the comment Ola Mamma! 


  1. I wish to vote for you, but I have no idea which name? Sorry if I think I could not find it here.

    Also, if you could take a moment, I am inviting you to add your blog and/or business domain at - a directory of blogs and businesses by moms/parents with rate and review tools.


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